Samsung Electronics turned down a rumor of possible early release of Galaxy S8. It is going to introduce Galaxy S8 at ‘MWC 2017’, which is held at in Barcelona, Spain at the end of February, just like before and release Galaxy S8 in South Korea and other countries sequentially starting from middle of March.
“Currently we do not have any plans to release Galaxy S8 early.” said a high-ranking official for Samsung Electronics.
“Even before we released Galaxy Note 7, we had a separate plan to announce Galaxy S8.” said a same official. “Pushing release date forward all of sudden is something that is realistically impossible.”
Samsung Electronics turned down a rumor that it might try to release its next flagship model called Galaxy S8 early due to stoppage of sales of Galaxy Note 7.
To overcome slump of its premium Smartphone that was caused by discontinuation of Galaxy Note 7, Samsung Electronics is first focusing its attention on investigating the causes of ignition of Galaxy Note 7 and recovering its trust.

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<Samsung Electronics’ D’light Shop, which is located in Seocho-dong, that was advertising Galaxy Note 7 before is now advertising Galaxy S7 Edge. Staff Reporter Kim, Dongwook |>

Samsung Electronics is planning to focus all of its capabilities into development of Galaxy S8 while focusing on safety.
While releasing Galaxy S8 according to Samsung Electronics’ initial plan, Samsung Electronics is also going to add Blue Coral model to Galaxy S7 Edge to replace demands for premium Smartphones. It is going to respond to markets for low and medium-priced Smartphones with Galaxy On7 (2016) that is going to cost about $264.17 (300,000 KRW).
According to mobile network industries, Galaxy S7 Edge Blue Coral model will come out with 32GB and 64GB and will be released in South Korea on the 4th of November. Its store price for 32GB and 64GB will be $813.55 (924,000 KRW) and $852.29 (968,000 KRW) respectively. Only 32GB storage will be available in Singapore and will be released on the 5th of November.
“Although we planned to release Galaxy S7 Edge Blue Coral model to global markets at the same time if possible, schedule for release dates of each country has changed due to current situation of supplies.” said Samsung Electronics.
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