Samsung Electronics, which is on its defensive mode due to recall process for Galaxy Note 7, is launching its hidden weapon. Samsung Electronics is going to launch Galaxy Note 7 Black Onyx model in South Korea in early October.
Black Onyx is Samsung Electronics’ ambitious work that will recover Samsung Electronics’ reputation that has been lost due to recall and resume early success that Galaxy Note 7 had had.
“We are going to resume our sales of Galaxy Note 7 on the 28th.” said a high-ranking official for Samsung Electronics on the 20th. “We are planning to formally introduce Black Onyx model in early October.”
Samsung Electronics launched only Blue Coral, Gold Platinum, and Silver Titanium models in South Korea when it launched Galaxy Note 7 in last month. At that time, some people predicted that Samsung Electronics postponed release of Black Onyx model so that it can compete with Apple’s iPhone 7.
A reason why Samsung Electronics is planning to launch its Black Onyx model before iPhone 7 is released in South Korea is its multi-sided strategic moves to recover an atmosphere that has emerged due to recall process and not to lose any grounds to iPhone 7.
Samsung Electronics already confirmed possibility of success of Black Onyx model in markets and considered the fact that iPhone 7 Black and Jet Black models are receiving popularities.
According to a survey that was done by an American IT media called Phone Arena, 43% of responders thought that Black Onyx model is the best out of 4 Galaxy Note 7 models.

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As Black Onyx model, which was released in India in last month, had drawn interests from consumers that were making reservations for Galaxy Note 7, its distribution was delayed a week more than other models. Black and Jet Black models for iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus, which are new colors, also had drawn high popularities from customers that were making reservations for iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus.
There is no reason why Samsung Electronics should postpone release of Black Onyx model any longer as iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus are set to be released in South Korea soon.
“Because colors like gold and silver already have placed themselves as trends in South Korean markets, we still have to wait and see how much Black Onyx model is going to draw attentions from consumers.” said a representative for a cellphone store. “As Black Onyx model is set to be released in South Korea soon, it will be enough to act as a role of lubricant that will turn around an environment that is in disarray due to recall process.”
Industries are interested to see whether or not Black Onyx model will act as a turning point in recovering Galaxy Note 7 that has taken blows due to recall.
Samsung Electronics announced that it will maintain its previous marketing strategy after resuming sales of Galaxy Note 7 on the 28th.
“We are planning to focus on recall until we resume our normal sales of Galaxy Note 7.” said a representative for Samsung Electronics. “Even when we resume our sales, we are going to go with values of Galaxy Note 7 rather than special marketing strategies.”
This dismisses any claims on reduction of store price of Galaxy Note 7 and Samsung Electronics will carry out sales of Black Onyx model as same as other 3 models that were released first.
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