AI service that can readily perform things that customers want has been developed. Even when a customer makes an unspecific music request, it can play an appropriate music through its own judgment.
SK Telecom introduces voice-controlled AI service called NUGU and its devices on the 31st. NUGU means that it can be anyone such as a friend, a partner, or a family member that a customer desires. When a customer talks to NUGU like having a normal conversation, it understands what a customer wants and performs things that a customer wants.
NUGU’s characteristics are its adaptable AI that evolves on its own as experiences with customers increase and enhanced voice recognition function. Industries are focusing on NUGU as SK Telecom is planning to make NUGU as one of its major platform businesses through open strategies and cooperations.
NUGU’s service medium that was introduced by SK Telecom on the 31st is speakers. They provide five services such as music, Smart Home, assistant, search, and commerce. NUGU can play music that a customer wants when he or she links it to MELON.

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<SK Telecom released voice-controlled AI service called NUGU at T-Tower that is located in Euljiro on the 31st. Staff Reporter Yoon, Seonghyeok | >

By connecting home IoT products such as Smart Plug to NUGU, one can control household appliances through his or her voice. NUGU also provides assistant-like functions such as notifying weather and daily schedule. NUGU’s commerce functions including search function and food delivery function increase level of convenience for consumers.
SK Telecom has been developing natural language processing technologies since 2011. Through its engine that processes natural language, it has prepared a base that is able to talk to people like normal conversations. SK Telecom’s database that has been accumulating for past 5 years boasts level of voice recognition that can understand South Korean’s particular accent, tone, and even dialect.
NUGU’s major characteristic is its ability to adapt. By having ‘Deep Learning’ that is equal to computing power of 200 servers, it evolves on its own as more data is accumulated. It understands more words and sentences as number of uses of NUGU increases. Rate of voice recognition and context also increase. SK Telecom also hinted its plan to establish an open-type ecosystem by working with startups, venture companies, and experts in AI field.
“Because voice UI (User Interface) is more natural than current touch UI and uses Cloud, it can make huge platforms by lowering prices of devices.” said Park In-hwan who is the head of SK Telecom. “We are planning to make NUGU as the interface that sends SK Telecom’s life-value platforms and services.”
SK Telecom is currently preparing to connect NUGU service to variety of devices such as automotive and attachable IoT, humanoid robots and others. It is planning to generalize AI through platforms that provide new level of convenience throughout customers’ daily lives.
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