Samsung Electronics is going to start mass-producing its new Galaxy Note in next month and produce about 5 million phones as a initial supply by August. Dual-Edge Display will be applied for the first time for Galaxy Note Series.
According to an industry on the 15th, Samsung Electronics has started ordering parts to start producing its new Galaxy Note in next month and it also even revealed detailed information of size of mass0production. Samsung Electronics is going to produce 2.5 million phones in July and August in total of 5 million phones. Considering that initial supply of Galaxy Note 5, which was released last year, was about 5 million copies in a quarter, Samsung Electronics is expecting that this new Galaxy Note will bring in better sales result.
Samsung Electronics is going to hold an event in New York on the 2nd of August (U.S. time) to introduce its new Galaxy Note. A reason why it is going to start producing new Galaxy Note one month earlier is because it wants to start selling it while introducing it at the same time. Its strategy is to have consumers’ early interests lead to actual purchase.
It has been decided that Dual-Edge OLED Display, which has left-side and right-side bent, will be used for this new Galaxy Note and this is the first time when a Dual-Edge Display is going to be used for Note Series.
Previously, a display that has just one side bent was used for Galaxy Note 4. However it was more so to test its performance. After Note Series was released for the first time in 2011, flat displays were mostly used for Note Series.

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<Samsung Electronics’ new Galaxy Note is going to be released soon. With the release date set in August, Samsung Electronics is planning to produce new Galaxy Notes in July. It is heard that this new phone will have a new design as it will have a Dual-Edge Display. Above picture shows Galaxy Note 5 that was released last year (Reference: Samsung Electronics) >

It is heard that Samsung Electronics greatly improved design of its new Galaxy Note and a reason why Samsung Electronics is applying Dual-Edge Display is also due to this reason.
“Strengths of flexible displays such as Dual-Edge Displays can implement new designs.” said a representative for a display industry. “It can be seen that Samsung Electronics is trying to bring a great change in overall appearance of a Smartphone.”
Samsung Electronics had had a positive performance during first half of this year due to Galaxy S7. According to a stock industry, 10 million Galaxy S7s were sold in first quarter and it is estimated that more than 15 million copies will be sold in second quarter. This is a reason why industries are focused on the release of a new application Smartphone and its performance.
There are predictions within electronic part industries that film-based OLED displays will emerge as major displays starting from the release of this new Note Series. Because Samsung Electronics, which is the world’s biggest Smartphone business, is actively introducing flexible displays, there are predictions that film-based OLED displays will receive more spotlights than glass-type displays.
Regarding a release of this new Note Series, Samsung Electronics could not release any detailed information about it.
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