Seoul city will transform into a digital city by 2020, applying Internet of Things 80(IoT270) to the entire metropolitan area. ‘Digital City,’ an experience space that connects the city space and digital space, will also be constructed. Seoul city’s Information Technology(IT) policy stance is moving to ‘informatization’ to ‘digitalization.’

Seoul city announced on March 29th that they have launched the establishment of ‘Seoul Digital General Plan 2020,’ which sets such contents as the main agenda. Digital General Plan 2020 includes 2016~2020 Seoul Digital Policy Vision and Informatization Plans, after the Seoul Informatization General Plan established in 2005 and 2010.

Seoul Digital General Plan 2020’s key point is the construction of an IoT city. Seoul city will carry out demand surveys and apply IoT to the entire city area in stages. Application subjects are all fields, including safety·welfare·transportation·tourism·environment.

A platform for planning the sensor data accommodation system and accommodating the sensor when applying the IoT service will also be constructed. In addition, an information protection measure will be prepared for devices·networks·platforms in preparation for IoT application, and cycle operational strategies for data that is generated, distributed, stored, analyzed, and utilized by the IoT will also be established.

Digital City will also be constructed. Digital City is an experience space where city space and digital space is connected, and diverse new technologies are applied. High-tech new technologies such as wearables, augmented reality, and virtual reality are utilized. New Information and Communications Technology(ITC) based digital corrective assignments including cloud, big data 78 analysis, and mobile are to be promoted, as well.

Kim, Jong-geun, Information Planning Officer of Seoul City, explained, “Research will be proceeded until September to make IoT City construction plans and digital corrective assignments. Priority projects viable during 2016~2020 are to be selected and action plans are to be established.”

The comparison result of digital levels of Seoul and foreign cities will be presented in Digital General Plan 2020. By predicting future changes and demands, Seoul Digital Vision and basic strategy, direction of policy, etc. will be established. Phased implementation plans and action plans including organization, manpower, budgets, etc., yearly road maps will also be made.

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Seoul Digital General Plan 2020 is meaningful in that it transforms the IT policy from informatization to digitalization, along with the arrival of a super-connected digital environment. Even in the name for the IT organization, ‘informatization’ has been changed into ‘information.’ It has been assessed that informatization has been achieved to a certain point through the Seoul Master Plan and Next Generation Seoul Informatization Master Plan established in 2005 and 2010. Seoul City has achieved first place in the World City Electronic Government Evaluation for five times in a row.

Simply having an IoT based civic service system in the entire metropolitan area of Seoul by 2020 has significance. Seoul city is planning to make Seoul the world’s best IoT-using city. It is expected that lives of citizens will become convenient from customized digital experiences in daily lives. Solution of urban problems, vitalization of digital industries, and creation of new growth engines are possible based on the IoT.

Officer Kim said, “After going through a professional advisory committee, public hearing, etc., the Digital General Plan is to be established by September and announced in October.”

Staff Reporter Shin,Hyekwon|