The domestic display companies that were hesitant in investing in new field started to extend in flexible display facilities this year. Samsung’s Galaxy S6 Edge, Apple’s Apple Watch, LG’s G Flex 2 all started applying and using Organic Light Emitting Diodes panels. With active investment in related equipment and preparing succeeding products, there are many expectations arousing.

Heard from the business on the 8th, Samsung/LG Display will be increasing their production facilities to produce more OLED display. This was a plan that the both companies have been planning for a long time but it had been postponed due to worsened market conditions.

Samsung Display will extend additional facilities scale of 15000 2nd level A3 sheets, exclusive for flexible DP. It is customized for flexible base of newer smart phones. The recently revealed Galaxy S6 Edge has high expectations from the customers and the Galaxy Note 5 that is to be revealed soon will probably also have flexible OLED Edge Display applied.

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<Samsung·LG Display’s current OLED investment trend>

LG Display will be extending their flexible facilities on this upcoming 3rd quarter. They’re setting 15000 sheets per month as their facilities’ goal. There will be pre-investment of 7500. LG Display currently is producing 14000 flexible OLED panel sheets per month from 4.5 generation E2 line. This company will be supplying 10-15 million Apple Watches and1 million G Flex 2s. Apple iWatch will increase their production next year and more Chinese display manufacturers are demanding flexible OLED panel supply therefore the building additional facilities became inevitable.

Related official said, “If the domestic display companies have made new investment in flexible panel earlier, we could have adapted to the market change smoothly and easily. LG Display is planning to produce 3-inch products as well.” He also added that the flexible panel’s usage is becoming widely applied, even in cars. He sees the investment will progress favorably because the demand for it is continuously increasing.