A large-size clustering platform development project, which resolves problems related to transmitting large-volume content, is carried out as part of “Software Flagship project” conducted by the Korean government. Electronics and Telecommunications Research Institute (ETRI) announced on July, 31st that it launched a large-size clustering platform development project base on Booyo, a Korean standard Linux reference platform, along with 15 organizations and companies such as KISTI, NHK, Daum, KT and SK Communications in order to respond to sharp increase in large-volume content in UCC, IPTV and e-learning web sites.The project will be funded by the government as part of the SW Flagship project promoted by the ministry of Information and Communications and the funds amount to 10 billion KRW per year by 2012. First of all, the distribution computing platform will be developed to provide petabyte-scale video services through a single data center by 2009. By 2012, the global computing platform will be developed to offer exabyte-scale video services through multi data centers. In the process, ETRI will be in charge of the overall platform development including optimizing Booyo, realizing a single file system and generating middleware for distribution process. Kim Myung-Joon, head of Internet server research group at ETRI digital home research center said, “This project focuses on portal markets in China, India and Southeast Asian countries as well as the domestic market. If it is successful, it would be a growth engine in the SW industry just like CDMA.”When Mr. Kim was asked about the details of the project, he said, “The first prototype will be designed according to about 160 requirements suggested by major portals by February, 2008. The super computer center at KISTI will establish 256 clustering platforms.”