Demand for iPad Display Panels Showing Signs of Decreasing

Moon Bo-kyung Aug 06, 2012

It has been pointed out that the gross demand for display panels for the new iPad may decrease from Q3.

According to market research firms and industry sources, Apple is expected to reduce the purchase of the panels after the release of the iPad Mini due to the price and inventory conditions. These days, the iPad panel supply is increasing more than previously thought with the price remaining still high.

The panel shipments have soared since March this year. NPD Display Search has said that approximately 20 million units of the 9.7-inch panels were supplied during Q2, when the monthly volume increased rapidly from 5.35 million to 6.98 million and 7.76 million units. The research agency had estimated the Q2 shipments at 17.7 million units back in May.

The surge in the supply can be attributed to the high popularity of the iPad. Apple recently announced that it sold 17 million iPads in the second quarter, recording an 83% year-on-year growth and setting a new high.

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