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Absence of disaster control network led to confusion in the scene of accident, fears for disaster control network being adrift became a reality

Lack of disaster control network led to chaos in rescue operations for ‘Sewol’ victims As deplorable early han...

Lee Jun-ho and Bae Yong-jun held hands for entertainment business

Chairman Lee Jun-ho of NHN Entertainment held hands with Bae Yong-jun, an actor, to embark on entertainment bu...

Next-generation ITS pilot project with KRW 18 billion investment to be started in the second half, project site soon to be selected

A pilot project for a ‘next-generation intelligent transport system (ITS)’ to build a safe and smart road thro...

Smart car patent litigations increased 10 times in 4 years

According to the IPnomics report published by the Electronic Times Future Technology Research Center (ETRC) an...

[Issue Analysis] New shopping paradigm f... Apr 15, 2014
Hyundai Motor Company is harassed by patent lit... Mar 26, 2014
[Interview] Tony Tae-won Kim, CEO of Kaonsoft, ... Mar 26, 2014

Next-generation ITS pilot project with K... Apr 21, 2014
Absence of disaster control network led to conf... Apr 21, 2014
[Issue Analysis] Convergence trend of set-top b... Apr 15, 2014

Effectiveness of Software Process Certif... Apr 17, 2014
Korean security company raised suit against Jap... Apr 17, 2014
[Issue Analysis] Heartbleed, a more urgent prob... Apr 16, 2014

Fostering 100,000 exporting SMBs Apr 16, 2014
[Special report] The value we are trying to uph... Apr 11, 2014
Korea-Australia FTA anticipated to produce doub... Apr 09, 2014

Smart car patent litigations increased 1... Apr 17, 2014
[Issue Analysis] Competition for leadership in ... Apr 17, 2014
[Issue analysis] Mobile phone industry where re... Apr 16, 2014

Hot solar energy market…record-breaking ... Apr 21, 2014
LG Innotech's 560 mW high-power UV LED to be ma... Apr 21, 2014
War of the premium smartphones in May …. Oppone... Apr 21, 2014

Lee Jun-ho and Bae Yong-jun held hands f... Apr 21, 2014
China’s biggest e-commerce enterprise Alibaba c... Apr 08, 2014
“The smartphone is not everything” Big online g... Apr 01, 2014

With Korea-Peru FTA Celebrating its Seco... Aug 01, 2013
Mobile Camera Market Expected to Reach KRW 10 T... Jul 31, 2013
OCI Completes the Construction of 5MW Solar Pow... Jul 31, 2013

LG Electronics displayed 55' OLED TV, major intern...


Lee Jun-ho and Bae Yong-jun h...


Next-generation ITS pilot pro...


Absence of disaster control n...


Smart car patent litigations ...


Changsung completed carbon mi...

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