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India’s Tech Mahindra to make a major investment in the Korean IT market

“Actively reviewing establishment of a joint venture with a Korean mobile carrier” Tech Mahindra, an IT subsid...

Hyundai Kefico develops an injector for the GDI engine…Hyundai Motor Company ‘starts’ to come out of the shadow of Bosch

Hyundai Kefico, an electronic control system affiliate of the Hyundai Motor Group, succeeded in developing a ‘...

[Preview of the future patent war] Rockstar Consortium, an NPE (1) threatening Samsung

Samsung Electronics recently entered into a patent license with InterDigital, a leading patent troll (NPE). It...

Samsung and Naver with high internal reserves to change dividend policy, stirring up the stock market

Stock market is moving rapidly as it forecasts expansion of dividends by key companies ranked higher in market...

Illegal streaming count surpassing web h... Jul 07, 2014
Direct purchasing (zicgoo) now goes mobile Jul 02, 2014
Daum Kakao’s first project after the merger is ... Jun 26, 2014

Korea to handle consulting for AISH impl... Jul 18, 2014
With demands for diesel sedans sharply increasi... Jul 18, 2014
Samsung and LG to introduce new smartphones Jul 14, 2014

India’s Tech Mahindra to make a major in... Jul 23, 2014
Seoul reacts strongly, e.g. preparing a law to ... Jul 22, 2014
Software industry marching to India Jul 21, 2014

Samsung and Naver with high internal res... Jul 22, 2014
Line to go public, calling WeChat for a battle ... Jul 17, 2014
23 economic organizations demanded to ‘postpone... Jul 16, 2014

Samsung’s withdrawal from PC market givi... Jul 23, 2014
Hyundai Kefico develops an injector for the GDI... Jul 23, 2014
[Preview of the future patent war] Rockstar Con... Jul 23, 2014

Samsung Electronics’ biggest competitor,... Jul 23, 2014
KEPCO starts electric vehicle charging infrastr... Jul 23, 2014
POSCO’s stronghold in fuel cell market falterin... Jul 22, 2014

Tera to celebrate the fourth anniversary... Jul 17, 2014
Korean mobile game makes first global hit Jul 11, 2014
The success formula of the mobile game steady s... Jul 07, 2014

With Korea-Peru FTA Celebrating its Seco... Aug 01, 2013
Mobile Camera Market Expected to Reach KRW 10 T... Jul 31, 2013
OCI Completes the Construction of 5MW Solar Pow... Jul 31, 2013

LG Electronics displayed 55' OLED TV, major intern...


Hyundai Kefico develops an in...


India’s Tech Mahindra to make...


[Preview of the future patent...


Samsung and Naver with high i...


Apple opts for ‘oxide,’ will ...

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