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LG Display confident about 100-inch or greater OLED TVs…Favorable first quarter results

LG Display showed confidence that they can produce OLED TVs with 100 inch or larger screens. They claim that t...

Korean research team develops transparent memory using graphene…The era of transparent smartphone is fast approaching

A Korean research team developed a transparent memory device which is expected to contribute to the developmen...

Kakao, a commerce platform, joins Korea Online Shopping Association on the 23rd

Kakao officially declared transformation to a mobile e-Commerce company. As Kakao Talk evolved into a commerce...

Aereo's vital court battle with U.S. terrestrial broadcasters…the whole world is observing judgment by Supreme Court

The vital court battle between the Internet TV startup Aereo and large terrestrial broadcasters will begin on ...

IoT market to grow larger than smartphon... Apr 22, 2014
[Issue Analysis] New shopping paradigm for the ... Apr 15, 2014
Hyundai Motor Company is harassed by patent lit... Mar 26, 2014

Aereo's vital court battle with U.S. ter... Apr 23, 2014
Next-generation ITS pilot project with KRW 18 b... Apr 21, 2014
Absence of disaster control network led to conf... Apr 21, 2014

Foreign security companies set out to ta... Apr 24, 2014
Effectiveness of Software Process Certification... Apr 17, 2014
Korean security company raised suit against Jap... Apr 17, 2014

Korea University exports domestic lift t... Apr 24, 2014
Overseas patents of conglomerates are increasin... Apr 23, 2014
Crabster deployed to search operation for Sewol... Apr 23, 2014

Korean research team develops transparen... Apr 24, 2014
Kakao, a commerce platform, joins Korea Online ... Apr 24, 2014
Development of technology to make chips with in... Apr 23, 2014

Active R&D on the synthesis of graphene-... Apr 24, 2014
LG Display confident about 100-inch or greater ... Apr 24, 2014
Private – government attempting to dominate nex... Apr 23, 2014

Conglomerates' active investment in cont... Apr 22, 2014
Lee Jun-ho and Bae Yong-jun held hands for ente... Apr 21, 2014
China’s biggest e-commerce enterprise Alibaba c... Apr 08, 2014

With Korea-Peru FTA Celebrating its Seco... Aug 01, 2013
Mobile Camera Market Expected to Reach KRW 10 T... Jul 31, 2013
OCI Completes the Construction of 5MW Solar Pow... Jul 31, 2013

LG Electronics displayed 55' OLED TV, major intern...


LG Display confident about 10...


Korean research team develops...


Kakao, a commerce platform, j...


Aereo's vital court battle wi...


Overseas patents of conglomer...

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