UHDTV Broadcasting Tested by Terrestrial Stations

Jun Ji-youn Jul 24, 2012

The Korea Broadcasters Association (chairman Kim In-kyu) announced that terrestrial stations conduct an experimental UHDTV, or ultra high definition TV, broadcast on channel 66 from September.

To that end, the technical chiefs of KBS, MBC, SBS and EBS had a meeting back in April and signed an agreement as to the provision of programs and related schedules. The authorization was given on July 20 by the Seoul branch of the Central Radio Management Office.

Compared with HDTV, UHDTV shows pictures at least four times clearer and gives a much better sound quality. Many countries around the world are competing with one another in the field to take the lead in the technical standardization and sale of TV sets. BBC and NHK, for example, are planning to broadcast Olympic matches live this year via satellite UHDTV.

Samsung and LG Electronics participate in the pilot broadcasting as well for joint demonstration and receiver tests, which will be carried out by mixing existing UHDTV programs, such as Chuno and The Princess’ Man, with newly produced programs.

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