Samsung, booming in international e-business

Shin, Hye-sun Apr 09, 2001

The related industries are watching carefully at Samsung and the outcome of the Samsung group which has sold the shares of Director Lee Jae-yong of eSamsung and eSamsung International to major related offline companies, and have unified the e-business of the group where Samsung SDS which has become the largest shareholder of eSamsung International studying on making a cooperative system with OpenTide which has been playing the main role in the business of eSamsung.

According to Samsung SDS and OpenTide Korea on April 8, CEO Kim Hong-gi and Kim Gi-jong have held an unofficial meeting discussing the matters of making a cooperative system centered on e-business. A personnel from Samsung said, "At this meeting both CEOs have made agreements on the division of roles between the foreign organization of eSamsung and OpenTide and that of Samsung SDS. In the near future, we will see a new business having the positive aspects of a new organization."

According to the agreement of both presidents, the Asian organization under eSamsung will be in charge of capital investment and the securing incubation for local Internet business to secure the classic solution of Samsung SDS and for the development of superior business models.

The overseas branches of OpenTide will be supporting the current business of the eSamsung, and will be playing the role of supporting the IT for the foreign customers of Samsung SDS centered on the 20~40 employees in Singapore, Japan, and China respectively. They will also be in charge of marketing and launching local e-business models such as the eSuperPlaza and the internal venture of Samsung SDS such as EnWiz.

A personnel from Samsung SDS said "The accumulating of the shares of eSamsung International is the chance to speed up the medium and long term strategy of Samsung SDS centered on the activity of international business. We hope that the synergy effect of international e-business such as E-business strategy, consulting, system, solution, and venture incubation will be maximized."

With this kind of role separation, Samsung group centering its international e-business on SDS, excluding the `Asia hub` being driven for supporting the local venture companies for exporting, it seems as though the project of the e-market tying the foreign branches of Samsung group in South East Asia will be on its way shortly.

Samsugn SDS has purchased 37.5 % shares of eSamsung International and has secured 52.5% of the shares including the previous shares it has had.

The related industries are expected following projects of eSamsung regarding the purchasing of shares of eSamsung by Samsung companies such as S1 which has become the largest shareholder of and Cheil Communications which has also purchased shares of eSamsung such as Samsung SDS.

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