Teruten Inc. Signed a Family Enterprise Agreement with the Affiliated Institute of ETRI

Dec 10, 2019
Teruten Inc.(The president Young Lee) signed a family enterprise agreement with the Affiliated Institute of ETRI. <Teruten Inc.(The president Young Lee) signed a family enterprise agreement with the Affiliated Institute of ETRI.>

The Affiliated Institute of ETRI operates a family company system to support the technology and infrastructure possessed by the Institute for small and mid-size companies in the field of cyber security. The Institute provides customized technical support, equipment test facility support, technology transfer follow-up support, research personnel dispatch support, and joint R&D support for family companies.
Teruten has been the No. 1 domestic multimedia DRM company since its establishment in 2000. Based on innovative technology development and experience, the company is preparing to take a leap forward as a comprehensive cyber security company by expanding its business scope in the field of cyber education and training. Recently, a number of national losses have been caused by frequent cyber threats such as hacking cryptocurrency exchanges and mass personal information leaks. In response to these threats, the Institute and the cybersecurity company have agreed to turn the crisis into an opportunity. In addition, the company runs the Global Vulnerability Analysis Team, which is affiliated with the best cyber attack defense training experts in Korea and a team from Israel's most prestigious cyber special forces unit, and is promoting the premium information security consulting business centered on the financial sector. As a result, it creates high expectations in the financial sector, which is having difficulties in introducing blockchain technology related to cryptocurrency and taking measures to protect personal information.
At the signing ceremony, Teruten's representative Young Lee said, "We will work together with the Affiliated Institute of ETRI to foster elite talent and improve information security awareness," vowing to make the utmost effort to contribute to national competitiveness while creating a secure cyber world through such cooperation.


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