[AIR FAIR AWARDS – AIR ANTI POLLUTION] For One Solutionreceived ‘AIR ANTI-POLLUTION’ with Near-Future Indoor Ultrafine Dust Response Solution

Nov 05, 2019

For One Solutionparticipated in ‘AIR FAIR 2019’ held at Coex C Hall in Samseong-dong from October 25 to 27 and received the'AIR ANTI POLLUTION'.

Organized by Korea Air Cleaning Association, K.Fairs, and IT World Korea, the AIR FAIR AWARDS selects excellent brands in 5 areas which are design, technical skills, innovativeness, new technology, etc. from the companies participating in Air Fair and supports their promotion s.

For One Solution Group was separated from HuTeco Co., Ltd. to strengthen its customer services and was officially launched in April 2019. The company offers all-in-one solutions for differentiated indoor air environmentcontrol.

The hybrid ventilation system by For One Solution Groupconvergesnatural andforced ventilation, and is different the existing ventilation system by combining air cleaning function and forced ventilation.  
The hybridair cleanventilation systemis a ductless-type attached seamlessly on building windows.

Thissystem can minimize the ventilation load through the control that maximizesnatural ventilation performance, can minimize construction cost, and is free from secondary problems caused by pollution inside the duct because it is a ductlessventilation device. It also does not face any constraints of indoor space as a window-attachable ventilation device, with an excellent control function for indoor ultrafine dusts and other pollutants through the combined air cleaning and ventilation functions.

Since it is also applied separately on the window, it can optimize the indoor ventilation efficiency (air cleaning efficiency) and it can be also used as an indoor interior element by connecting to the window (chassis) design. It has excellent electrical heatexchange efficiency, noiseandconsumption power, etc.For One Solution Groupis also planning to build a big data system to promote expandability for indoor environment information alarm service and upgrade.

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