[AIR FAIR AWARDS – AIR STARTUP] CarbonTech won ‘AIR STARTUP’ withOutdoor Air Cleaner ‘Four Season Total Care System’

Nov 05, 2019

CarbonTechparticipated in ‘AIR FAIR 2019’ held at Coex C Hall in Samseong-dong in Seoul from October 25 to 27 and received the 'AIR START UP'.

Organized by Korea Air Cleaning Association, K.Fairs, and IT World Korea, the AIR FAIR AWARDS selects excellent brands in 5 areas which are design, technical skills, innovativeness, new technology, etc. from the companies participating in Air Fair and supports their promotion s.

CarbonTech, a energy and newmaterial manufacturer, succeeded in developing the world’s first ‘Four Season Total Care System’ that reduces ultrafine dusts using only water and without a filter. It acquired a patent from the Korea Patent Office this April as well.

This system can be used anytime throughout all four seasons because it eliminates not only ultrafine dusts but also ozone in the summer and fall. If the system installs and operates for 24 hours, it reduces ultrafine dusts that is 85% close to 20m of height and 100m of diameter, and it even lowers the nearby temperature by 5 degrees using evaporation heat, as explained by a CarbonTech representative.

In other words, many people can feel safe breathing air in a clean area if this facility is installed in multi-use facilities such as schools, kindergartens, daycare centers, rest areas, sports facilities, parks, theme parks, traditional markets, and bus stops. This dust collecting and cleaning method does not need filter and is run only by water and electricity, so it does not incur any filterpurchase and replacement costs and waste-filterdisposal cost for lower maintenance and repair costs and prevent secondary pollution.

CarbonTech’smultiuseoutdoorair cleaner has integrated the knowhows and technical skills based on the experience of designing air pollutant emission reduction facility (wet scrubber) of SK Energy Ulsan Factory and POSCO Gwangyang Steel Mill. Thus, unlike the air cleaner of other dust cleaning collection, the strengths of CarbonTech’s dust collectingair cleaner are the wave collision plate(eliminator) design technology, nitrate andsulphateeliminating technology, andwhite leadeliminating technology based on fluid mechanics.

CEO Jeh-woo Cha explained that “It is impossible to collect all ultrafine dusts spread in the air. The best way is to eliminate them in the outbreak stage but this costs too much time and cost. Our company has devoted its resources and personnel into system development because the people’s quality of life and air have not improved despite the government’svarious efforts to improve air qualityfor several years. We have succeeded in developing the dust collecting air cleaner system after 3 years of research.”

Established in 1999, CarbonTech developed the world’s first ecofriendly coconut charcoal (Patent No.0365069) using palm tree fruits and achieved a phenomenal achievement by winning the Gold Prize in ‘2005 Koeln Fair in Spoga, Germany.’It was recently selected as the supplier of KT&G cigarette filter activated carbonand was registered as aactivated carbonpartner ofSamsung SDI.

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