Industries Believe Complete Inspection Is Needed on Galaxy Fold Before Its Release

Apr 22, 2019

A possibility has been raised that the cause of separation of ‘screen protector’ from ‘Galaxy Fold’, which is Samsung Electronics’ strategic Smartphone that is expected to be released soon, is an error with hinge design. There is another possibility that only certain products experience such issue as Samsung Electronics has not done complete inspection since it is only producing small amount of Galaxy Folds at the moment. This indicates that some Galaxy Folds will experience similar issue while others do not once Samsung Electronics has Galaxy Fold available to general consumers.
Display experts pointed out that separation of screen protector from Galaxy Fold, which has become an issue recently, is due to design error with hinge. They also suggested that Samsung Electronics needs to perform complete inspection on Galaxy Fold.
Galaxy Fold is based on in-folding method that has two screens fold inward. Out-folding method usually stretches a section that is folded which results in a folded section bulging whenever a Smartphone is laid out.
On the other hand, in-folding method easily creates folded mark on a section that is bent. As a result, it rarely creates a situation where a panel bulges like out-folding method.
However, Galaxy Folds that have become issues in foreign countries had some of bent sections bulging.
“There is a chance that this issue occurred as a result of a gear breaking away from hinge.” said one expert.
A foldable phone is bent and laid out as many gears interlock at the same time. However, if there is an issue with hinge, there is a chance that a panel may bulge near the bent section.
Some also raised a suspicion of film coming off from Galaxy Fold. There is a chance that some parts that compose a display panel and attached through special adhesive came off.

The Verge reported suspicion of damaged hinge of Galaxy Fold along with abnormal screen.  (Picture = The Verge) <The Verge reported suspicion of damaged hinge of Galaxy Fold along with abnormal screen. (Picture = The Verge)>

Unlike previous Galaxy series Smartphones, Galaxy Fold uses a transparent polyimide (PI) film rather than special glass to protect a display panel.
It seems that Samsung Electronics attaches an additional protective film to a Galaxy Fold to strengthen performance of a transparent PI film. This protective film increases visibility by protecting Galaxy Fold from light reflection while protecting transparent PI film from outside impact at the same time. It seems that another reason why Samsung Electronic is using this additional film is because transparent PI film cannot completely replace performance of previous window cover glass.
“When film comes off, it is easy for panel to bulge even if corresponding Smartphone is based on in-folding method.” said one expert. “If main driving part of a panel is separated and not protective film, there is a chance that this issue occurred due to panel receiving physical pressure from outside.”
Many experts agree that Samsung Electronics needs to break away from sample test method and carry out complete inspection before it releases Galaxy Fold. Since this is the first time Samsung Electronics is introducing foldable structure to its product, they believe that Samsung Electronics can increase degree of perfection of Galaxy Fold by testing its performance when display panel and modules are all connected.”
“We know that Samsung Electronics does not have facilities and equipment that can test entire supply of foldable phones beforehand.” said a representative for the industry. “Since Galaxy Fold is completely different from current bar-type Smartphones, it is necessary for Samsung Electronics to carry out as much as tests it can on entire supply of Galaxy Folds before it releases Galaxy Fold to markets.”
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