[EMK 2019] Wuhan Xinrong New Materials Introduces Their Compund Material Lines

Apr 12, 2019
[EMK 2019] Wuhan Xinrong New Materials Introduces Their Compund Material Lines

Wuhan Xinrong  will showcase compound material lines in ‘Electronics Manufacturing Korea 2019 (henceforth referred to as EMK 2019)’ which will be held from this coming May 15th (Wed), to the 17th (Fri).     

Wuhan Xinrong New Materials Co.,Ltd is a new material company concentrated on manufacturing and supplying high-purity metals and high-quality chemical raw materials for high-tech enterprises and research institutes.

They independently develop, manufacture and sell high-purity metals, compound materials and target materials, including Tellurium (Te), Germamnium(Ga),Indium (In), Gallium (Ga), Cadmium (Cd), Bismuth (Bi),Selenium (Se), etc., as well as the relevant compound materials.

The purity of these products ranges from 99.9% to 99.999999%. Furthermore, they can also offer customized synthesis of a variety of chemical raw materials to provide customers with a full range of customized services.
For Tellurium, they can make the purity 99.99%, 99.999%, 99.9999% and the highest purity with 99.99999% (7N) which is the first class in the world. It’s been widely used in solar cells, infrared detector, and interface elements.

Germanium, they can make puirty 99.999% and 99.9999%(6N), as an important semiconductor materials,it has widely and important applications in semiconductor,optical fiber communication,infrared optics,solar cells, chemical catalysts,and so on.

Indium mainly used for the preparation of Ⅲ - Ⅴ compound semiconductor, high purity alloy, indium sealing, ITO, electric contact element, etc.

For Gallium, they can make from purity 99.99% to 99.999999%(8N).It mainly used for the preparation of Ⅲ - Ⅴ compound semiconductor, for GaAs, GaP, GaAsP, GaAlAs, GaAlP high purity alloy, transistors, ultra-low temperature alloy, heat carrier in the reactor, silicon and germanium, and a single crystal of dopant.

For Cadmium, they can make the purity 99.999%,99.9999% and the highest purity with 99.99999%(7N) which is the first class in the world.It’s been widely used in Solar cell ,Infrared detector,interface element and so on.

At present, the company's customers have been all over 26 countries including China, the United States, the United Kingdom, Australia, France, India, Japan and South Korea. CEO Lu Pengjian said “We will try our best to develop the Korea manufacturing market, and establish deeper cooperation with Korean companies in more fields.”

Meanwhile, Korea Electronics Manufacturing Korea has grown into an internationally recognized exhibition, receiving steady interest from domestic and foreign buyers as Korea’s largest electronics manufacturing exhibition. Since 2017, it has been Co-hosted with ‘Autotronics Manufacturing Korea (AMK)', and provides various seminars and events for exhibitors and visitors.

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