Statistics Korea to Create Statistics on Various Issues

Mar 07, 2019

Statistics Korea is going to create statistics related to franchises and small businesses to support policies on economy for ordinary people. It is going to prepare a ‘medium and long-term roadmap for North Korea statistics cooperation’ to improve relationship between South Korea and North Korea and look into supporting North Korea’s statistical production by working with international organizations.
Statistics Korea announced ‘promotional plans for major tasks in 2019’ on the 6th.
It is going to create statistics to support evidence-based policies and it is also going to create statistics on various franchises by December so that it can have a clear understanding on franchises that have huge impact on economy of ordinary people. At the same time, it is going to create statistics on small businesses and statistics on distribution industry by November that is needed for establishing policies on distribution industry.
It is going to create statistics according to political demands by utilizing database (DB) on jobs that combine administration materials related to businesses and their workers. It is going to create basic statistics on social economy by December and also create beta statistics on jobs regarding new graduates. It is also going to create statistics on usage rate of parental leave by utilizing database on new parents and employment insurance.

Statistics Korea to Create Statistics on Various Issues

It is going to put out special statistics on future population sometime during this month after considering recent situation on low birthrate and announce special statistics on future household in September. It will supplement ‘indicator system on quality of lives of the people’ by May so that the indicator system accord with feelings of the people.
It is planning to materialize support and cooperation plans after considering the fact that there is an increase in demands for statistics on North Korea that are needed to promote policies related to North Korea.
“We are going to have discussions with Ministry of Unification, United Nations Population Fund, and World Health Organization on whether they can support us with these statistics and how much they can support us.” said Statistics Korea.
Besides these statistics, it is going to utilize administration materials more on ‘Population and Housing Census (5 year cycle)’ that is planned for next year and establish IT-based electronic census system. It is planning on pushing for IT-based field study utilizing tablet PC and GIS (Geographic Information System).
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