Chairman Kim Sang-Jo of Fair Trade Commission Asks for Effective E-Commerce Act

Jan 24, 2019

“We need to set up effective E-Commerce Act that can deal with 21st century e-commerce market.” said Chairman Kim Sang-jo of Fair Trade Commission (FTC).
Chairman Kim made such statement during his congratulatory message at ‘E-Commerce Act Revision Plan Debate’ held by Jeon Jae-soo, a member of Democratic Party of Korea, and Consumers Union of Korea at National Assembly Member’s Office Building.

Chairman Kim Sang-jo of Fair Trade Commission <Chairman Kim Sang-jo of Fair Trade Commission>

“E-commerce market was worth over $88.7 billion (100 trillion KRW) in 2018. Percentage of mobile e-commerce is over 60% as Smartphones have become generalized and as 5G mobile network has been established.” said Chairman Kim. “Current E-Commerce Act that is limited to the past PC generation cannot deal with current markets.”
“We cannot delay entire revision of E-Commerce Act anymore.” said Chairman Kim. “I expect a new and effective law that corresponds to new e-commerce market to be made.”
Staff Reporter Yoo, Seonil |

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