Allbit Launches ‘APOT Market’

Jan 08, 2019

Allbit (CEO Lee Ik-soon), a South Korean decentralized exchange, announced that it launched a collective intelligence-based service called ‘APOT Market’ that verifies values of blockchain projects. To commemorate this service, it will be holding ‘APOT Market Competition Event’, which will give out many prizes such as Allbit Ethereum and others to winning teams, starting from the 7th for about a month.

Allbit Launches ‘APOT Market’

APOT Market will separate scam projects through fair and strict screening and actively support outstanding projects with competitive edge. It will also provide various benefits and promotional supports so that these projects are well known by the public.
Teams that want to participate in the event can apply through Allbit’s homepage until the 20th. Allbit is planning to announce between 5 to 8 competitive projects on the 25th and 3 finalists by the 4th of March. Winning teams will be awarded with Allbit Ethereum, an airplane ticket to Vietnam, and MacBook Air. Detailed information can be found on Allbit’s homepage.
Staff Reporter Gil, Jaeshik |

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