COZ Coin Listed on CoinBene

Dec 28, 2018

Coinzest, a South Korean cryptocurrency exchange, announced that its token ‘COZ’ has been listed on a global cryptocurrency exchange called CoinBene, which is ranked 7th based on CoinMarketCap.
COZ Token can be traded through BTC Market and it is expected to be available through ETH Market depending on the makeup of ETH Market. Whoever has COZ Tokens within CoinBene will receive equal rate of an airdrop as those who have COZ Tokens within Coinzest.

COZ Coin Listed on CoinBene

COZ is the first South Korean town to adopt POT (Proof of Trading). Those who have COZ Tokens will receive profits made by Coinzest from fees as cryptocurrencies and they can participate in various airdrop events. They will also have rights to participate in voting for new coins that may be listed on Coinzest.
Coinzest also announced its plan to open a market exclusively for COZ Token in early January. When this market is opened, those who have COZ Tokens can use COZ Tokens to trade for other coins. Coinzest is planning to list promising coins and IEO (Initial Exchange Offering) coins. In case of IEO coins, it is going to apply lockup policy to enhance protection over investors. Basic fee for using COZ market will be 0.1%, and a discount will be applied depending on how many COZ Tokens a person has.
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