GLOSFER Announces Next Year’s Business Plans

Dec 07, 2018

GLOSFER presented Deep Learning game, payment, and music as major keywords for its business in 2019. It also announced its plan to focus on channel business by working with Microsoft Azure.
GLOSFER announced its current performance and its business plans for 2019 at a press conference that was held at Gangnam SparkPlus University Branch on the 6th.
GLOSFER, which is a first-generation blockchain business established in 2015, has become a prominent business through public projects such as Nowon-gu’s local currency service, Yeongdeungpo-gu’s proposal assessment system, and ICT-based Mind Talk Talk Happiness Support Service. It recently won a project from Ministry of Oceans and Fisheries, which is one of six public blockchain demonstration projects by South Korean Government.
At the press conference, GLOSFER announced about the news that it has uploaded HYCON Network as the 6th platform on Azure, which is a Cloud service provided by Microsoft.
“Microsoft has implemented a function that expands blockchain nodes within Azure with just few clicks through Ethereum.” said CEO Kim Tae-won of GLOSFER. “We believe that we will be able to provide support for expanding nodes.”
Through this partnership, GLOSFER is planning to push for channel business that supplies technologies to blockchain SI companies.
It also announced its plan to emerge as a ‘Deep Learning Game’ developer rather than simply remaining as a blockchain business.
It presented its plan to completely change the concept of a blockchain game by working with independent game developers. It pointed to lack of new UX (User Experience) as the reason why blockchain games have not been much popular.
“We are going to prepare blockchain games through collective intelligence from users and Deep Learning technology.” said CEO Kim. “If blockchain games have lacked stories and complicated controls, we are going to now develop games that cannot be beat with tactics that were used the day before.”

CEO Kim Tae-won of GLOSFER announced GLOSFER’s business plans for 2019 at a press conference that was held at Gangnam SparkPlus University Branch. <CEO Kim Tae-won of GLOSFER announced GLOSFER’s business plans for 2019 at a press conference that was held at Gangnam SparkPlus University Branch.>

GLOSFER also announced its plan to introduce ‘HYCON Adventure Platform’ and ‘HYCON Pay’ to increase amount of use of its own cryptocurrency called ‘HYCON’.
‘HYCON Adventure Platform’ is expected to be available on the 20th of this month. People with HYCON Coins can use them to pay for ICO (Initial Coin Offering), mini games, and fees to use auction services.
‘HYCON Pay’ can be used to make offline payments and its service will start at ‘Over The Mountain’ Hotel, which is in Gapyeong, sometime this month. Variability within cryptocurrency prices during payments will be taken care of by GLOSFER with having HYCON Coin as collateral. HYCON Pay will only be available in certain areas to reduce effects by variability within cryptocurrency prices.
GLOSFER is also having discussions with Shinhan Card regarding next-generation payment methods. “We are discussing about payment methods with reduced influence from VAN (Value Added Network) and PG (Payment Gateway) companies.” said CEO Kim. “When HYCON Private Network is launched, we will take appropriate steps to further carry on development process of next-generation payment methods.”
GLOSFER is also going to start a new ‘Up Music’ service to protect copyrights of music. Its users will be able to use current music play applications just as they are while it returns much more profit back to copyright holders by eliminating intermediaries.
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