South Korean Cryptocurrency Exchanges Go through Connection Failures Due to an Issue with Amazon Web Services

Nov 23, 2018

Major South Korean cryptocurrency exchanges such as UPbit and Coinone are having connection failures due to a problem with AWS (Amazon Web Services), which is a Cloud service by Amazon. On the other hand, Bithumb that uses IDC (Internet Data Center) is having normal connection unlike the others.
Coinone announced in the morning of the 22nd that it would be conducting an emergency inspection due to network failure of AWS within Seoul region. UPbit also posted on its site that it is conducting an emergency inspection due to server failure (issue with Amazon Domain Name System).

Coinone’s announcement about its connection failure <Coinone’s announcement about its connection failure>

Many cryptocurrency exchanges such as GOPAX, Bitsonic, Coinrail, OKCoin, ChainB, Coinplug, Bit-Land, Hanbitco, and AllstarBit that use AWS are having difficulties with their connection. It is heard that many online services such as Coupang, POOQ, and Tada are also having connection failures.
AWS is a Cloud computing service provided by Amazon. A company can use online service however much it needs by paying Amazon a monthly fee for using AWS. Various online industries including cryptocurrency exchanges have started to adopt AWS as they can fluidly use Cloud server supports depending on amount of traffic inflow.
Staff Reporter Park, Jungeun |

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