Airport Railroad Express’ Magongnaru Station Connects to Many Outing Spots and Metropolitan Cities

Oct 29, 2018

Number of users of AREX’s (Airport Railroad Express) Magongnaru Station, which was opened recently, has increased greatly. Daily number of users, which is currently 8,747 people), increased by 110.5% compared to the opening day of this station, and it also increased by 20.2% compared to last week. AREX is estimating that there will be 38,000 people using AREX daily in 2040 and that it can also vitalize public transportations through reduction of traffic.
Magongnaru Station, which is the 14th station of AREX that goes from Seoul Station and Incheon International Airport Station, is located between Digital Media City Station and Gimpo International Airport Station. In the past, Magongnaru Station was only available through line 9 and people had to transfer subways to go to Hongdae University or Seoul Station that are not too far away from Magongnaru Station. Also, people had to transfer over to AREX from Gimpo International Airport to use Incheon International Airport. However, by opening Magongnaru Station of AREX, accessibility to Gangbuk region and airports from Magok district has been improved greatly. Also AREX is predicting that its new Magongnaru Station will distribute life zone to other areas besides Seoul by improving commute from and to Magok’s industrial districts from metropolitan areas such as Incheon and Ilsan.
Magongnaru Station is also expected to contribute to invigorating economy in Gangseo-gu by attracting tourists as its exits 3 and 4 are conveniently connected to Seoul Botanic Park and LG Art Center, which is expected to finish construction in 2021, and Science Hall. First train from Magongnaru Station to Seoul Station will leave at 5:46 A.M. and last train will leave at 12:20 A.M. First train from Magongnaru Station to Incheon International Airport Station will leave at 5:39 A.M. and last train will leave at 23:59 P.M. It takes 19 minutes and 47 minutes to reach Magongnaru Station from Seoul Station and Incheon International Airport Station respectively.

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AREX is recommending ‘Yeongjongdo Island Seaside Park’ and ‘Mashiran Beach + Joleum Island trekking’ as outing season approaches. ‘Yeongjongdo Seaside Park’, which has an area of 1.77 million m2, is a leisure space composed of railbike, camping grounds, and artificial waterfalls. There is a 6km hike from Yeongjongjin, which is near Yeongjong Dock, and there are playgrounds, rest areas, and observatories.
Railbike is seen as the best course for couples and families as it follows seaside while looking at open ocean, Incheon Bridge, and Wolmido Island. One can enjoy railbike by transferring to bus 3 from AREX’ Yeongjong Station and walking for about 5 minutes after getting off at Yeongjong Dock. ‘Mashiran Beach + Joleum Island trekking’ is a course for experiencing nature. Mashiran Island has beautiful panoramic view as it has vast sandy beach. At low tide, it reveals vast mud flat and contrasts to white sandy beach. People can pay to experience mud flat by catching clams or fish.
At the right side of Mashiran Beach, there is an uninhabited island called Joleum Island. Trekking on Joleum Island is seen as the highlight of hiking by Yongyudo Island. Because Joleum Island is a small island, 20 minutes is enough to go around it once. Because it sticks out towards ocean, its view of Mashiran Beach, Yongyu Beach, Seonnyeobawi Beach is remarkable. Also, strange rocks such as rocks that seem to be facing each other, a rock that seems to be praying, and rocks that look similar to a penguin and a meerkat are also interest things to watch. Trekking course that connects the entrance of Mashiran Beach and Joleum Island takes about an hour to an hour and half. One can get to Mashiran Beach by transferring to magnetic levitation railway and walking for 20 minutes after getting off at Yongyu Station.
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