Zeniex Makes a Strategic Partnership with EON Foundation

Jul 04, 2018

Zeniex, which began its business in April and is a joint cryptocurrency exchange between South Korea and China, made an announcement that it signed a MOU (Memorandum of Understanding) with EON Foundation.
EON Foundation is a group that was established to vitalize EOS network and it has created open network by improving weak points of EOS. It was able to attract investments from INBlockchain Capital, CollinStar Capital, Consensus Lab, and Beechat Lab.

Zeniex Makes a Strategic Partnership with EON Foundation

Zeniex and EON Foundation have decided to inform people in South Korea about EON and work on vitalizing EON ecosystem. Zeniex is planning to promote domestic promotions of EON through many channels and run as a BP (Block Producer) of EON.
“We expect that EON will become the 2nd EOS.” said CEO Choi Kyung-joon of Zeniex. “Through this strategic partnership with EON Foundation, we are planning on promotions to vitalize EON ecosystem.”
TPS (Transaction Per Second) of EON, which is also called the ‘2nd EOS’, is 1 million TPS and it is 10 times faster than that of EOS.
Staff Reporter Ham, Jihyun | goham@etnews.com

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