MGAME and Davinci Foundation Signs a Memorandum of Understanding for Blockchain Business

Jul 04, 2018

MGAME made an announcement that it signed a MOU (Memorandum of Understanding) with Davinci Foundation to establish support systems based on blockchain infrastructures and to form a global ecosystem.
MGAME and Davinci Foundation are going to push for joint blockchain projects and work together to operate relevant education programs and to develop payment systems.
MGAME is planning to apply blockchain technologies to its games through its partnership with Davinci Foundation that possesses necessary blockchain technologies and personnel and work on full-scale R&D.

CEO Kwon Ih-hyung (left) of MGAME and CEO Han Seung-jae (right) of Davinci Foundation Korean Branch <CEO Kwon Ih-hyung (left) of MGAME and CEO Han Seung-jae (right) of Davinci Foundation Korean Branch>

Davinci Foundation, which was established in Singapore in 2017, is a joint foundation between South Korea and China. Its goal is to vitalize industrial ecosystems and private international cultural exchanges by providing blockchain-based platforms connected to Davinci Coin (DAC).
It listed DAC through a cryptocurrency exchange called HADAX on the 26th of June. “We hope that various companies will participate in our platform that was designed to make export and important payments of contents and commodities between South Korea and China more effective and credible.” said CEO Han Seung-jae of Davinci Foundation.
“MGAME has been focusing on expanding its business and developing relevant technologies and applying blockchain technologies to its online games by establishing a subsidiary back in January.” said CEO Kwon Ih-hyung of MGAME. “Through partnership with Davinci Foundation that is made up of experts from South Korea, China, and Singapore, we expect that our blockchain business will gain more momentum.”
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