CLC Foundation Develops ‘Coin Step’

May 16, 2018

CLC Foundation released an application called ‘Coin Step’ that pays cryptocurrency for consuming calories by exercising such as walking or running.
Coin Step, which was developed by CLC Foundation and its affiliate Blockchain Factory, accumulates Calorie Coin depending on exercise records after walking more than 4,000 steps. Coins that are accumulated can be used to pay for products or services from companies that are participating in Calorie Coin’s ecosystem. Currently, Interpark Biz-Market and Partron are participating in Calorie Coin’s ecosystem.

CLC Foundation Develops ‘Coin Step’

CLC Foundation is planning to enhance benefits of Coin Step in the future by continuing to push for partnership with various companies such as insurance providers, fitness centers, and sports goods manufacturers.
CLC Foundation is also developing services related to healthcare after making a partnership with a company that specializes in wearable devices in April. It is also planning to set up Calorie Coin Mall that allows consumers to purchase products related to healthcare with Calorie Coin. It is going to launch a wallet designated for Calorie Coin next month.
“We are going to make partnership with various companies and groups to vitalize blockchain-based healthcare ecosystems.” said CEO Jung Seung-chae of CLC Foundation. “We are going to focus on providing benefits to even more people.”
Staff Reporter Jang, Yoonhyung |

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