Joycity to Release Three Blockbuster Games in 2018

Jan 26, 2018

Joycity is going to release three blockbuster games that are based on global IPs (Intellectual Property).
“We are going to release ‘The War of Genesis: Battles of Antaria’, Gunship Battle: Total Warfare’, and ‘Project BLESS Mobile’ within this year.” said CEO Cho Sung-won of Joycity during a press conference held on the 25th at its headquarters located in Bundang.
The War of Genesis: Battles of Antaria is a turn-based strategy RPG (Role Playing Game) based on IPs of a PC game called The War of Genesis. Development of this game is supervised by CTO Kim Tae-gon of Joycity who is a veteran in turn-based strategy games.
The War of Genesis: Battles of Antaria, which is based on characters and stories that bring back inherent world outlook of The War of Genesis, allows users to expand territories, build their heroes, and increase armaments by farming, making, and strengthening items and to carry out guild battles. Joycity is planning to release this game in March.
“We reinterpreted The War of Genesis, which has high storytelling quality and high awareness in other countries, as a strategy game.” said CTO Kim Tae-gon. “We invested many manpower and knowhow to create a game that satisfies many people who had enjoyed previous The War of Genesis games.”

Starting from the left: Director Cho Han-seo of Joycity, CTO Kim Tae-gon of Joycity, CEO Cho Sung-won of Joycity, CEO Oh Yong-hwan of THINK FUN, PD Kye Dong-kyoon <Starting from the left: Director Cho Han-seo of Joycity, CTO Kim Tae-gon of Joycity, CEO Cho Sung-won of Joycity, CEO Oh Yong-hwan of THINK FUN, PD Kye Dong-kyoon>

Joycity also introduced a military battle simulation game called ‘Gunship Battle: Total Warfare’, which is based on IPs of Gunship Battle that became very popular as it was downloaded 100 million times worldwide. Joycity’s goal is to release this game globally at the same time during the third quarter.
Because it is based on modern wars, one will be able to enjoy realistic graphic and enormous scales. Joycity also added realistic battles that are centered on navies and air forces and strategies that can decide wins and losses depending on various strategic patterns.
Joycity is planning to release ‘Project BLESS Mobile’, which is a mobile version of an online MMORPG (Massively Multiplayer Online RPG) called ‘BLESS’, by end of this year.
This game is developed by Joycity’s subsidiary called THINK FUN and it implements styles of battles and contents systems that are totally different from the online version. It implements one of the best graphic out of all mobile games as it is based on Unreal Engine 4.
“We have steadily strengthened our abilities by focusing on R&D, which becomes an innovative premise for game developers, while competitions within global game markets are becoming more intensified.” said President Cho during a welcoming speech. “Based on these three games, we are going to continue to strengthen our competitive edge within global markets.”
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