Audi-Volkswagen Normalizes Its Business

Jan 11, 2018

Audi-Volkswagen, which had been practically open without any businesses due to cancellation of large-scale certifications, has normalized its business on full-scale. Audi recently started selling cars that were in its inventory located in Pyeongtaek Port on discounted prices while Volkswagen is preparing to announce its new cars next month.
According to import car industries, Audi Korea sold some of its 2,900 cars that were in its inventory located in Pyengtaek Port on discounted prices. Audi Korea sold about 140 2017 Audi A7 50 TDIs initially on 20% discount including 10% from headquarters and 10% from dealers. These A7s were sold out instantly.
It is expected that Audi Korea will also clear rest of its inventories. Currently Audi Korea has about 1,700 2016 models and 1,200 2017 models in its inventories. Although it should not have too much difficulty selling 2017 models on discount, it is deeply thinking about how it is going to clear 2016 models, which were produced 3 years ago, since it will be difficult to sell them as new cars. Some predict that there is a high chance that Audi Korea will officially sell 2016 models as used cars.
“We sold some of our 2017 models by applying 10% discount on top of 10% additional discount from dealers.” said a representative for Audi Korea. “Although we have not finalized our decision, but it is likely that we will sell rest of 2017 models that are in our inventories through similar method.”

Volkswagen’s new car ‘Arteon’ that will be released in South Korea
<Volkswagen’s new car ‘Arteon’ that will be released in South Korea >

Volkswagen Korea is also preparing a media event in order to announce its new cars next month. It is confirmed that Volkswagen will release ‘Arteon’, ‘Passat GT’, new ‘Tiguan’, and new ‘Tiguan Allspace’, which are models that will be introduced within South Korea for the first time. Some of car dealers are already receiving preorders unofficially.
“Unlike an event centered on new cars, our event that will be held next month will be a place where we share our business plans for 2018.” said a representative for Volkswagen Korea. “We are currently mediating timing for sales of our new cars internally.”
As Audi-Volkswagen has normalized its business, it is expected that this year’s competitions within import car markets will become even more competitive. Due to absence of Audi-Volkswagen, which had maintained third and fourth place followed by Mercedes-Benz and BMW, in 2017, other non-German brands such as Lexus, Toyota, Land Rover, Ford, and Honda entered top ranking.
“Due to stoppage of sales by Audi-Volkswagen in 2017, growth of import car markets was limited.” said Vice-Chairman Yoon Dae-sung of Korea Automobile Importers and Distributors Association. “Audi-Volkswagen resuming its sales and other brands actively moving to recover and expand import car markets will give import car markets boost.”
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