GAMEVIL Set to Release Royal Blood

Dec 27, 2017

“Let us have confidence and do it right.”
CEO Song Byung-joon of GAMEVIL said this to his employees as an encouragement as GAMEVIL is set to release its new mobile game called ‘Royal Blood’. His encouragement indicates that GAMEVIL is very confident with quality of its contents at least.
“We are going to introduce game qualities that are clearly different from current mobile MMORPGs (Massively Multiplayer Online Role Playing Game).” said Department Head (Director) Kim Dong-kyun of GAMEVIL’s Game Business Headquarters with an emphasis.
Royal Blood is a mobile MMORPG developed by GAMEVIL. Starting with its release in South Korea on the 12th of January, it will be released in 160 different countries during the first half of 2018. Royal Blood was developed after GAMEVIL invested huge amount of its capital and its employees for two and half years. These employees had had previous experience in development of games and other businesses for other MMORPG developers such as NCsoft, Bluehole, Pearl Abyss, and XL Games.
Strengths of Royal Blood are Sudden Quest and 100 on 100 battles. Especially its 100 on 100 battles boast bigger battle sizes than current mobile MMORPGs. Points that are accumulated from these battles are returned to users and they become assets of a Guild that a user is part of.
A Guild that has the most points becomes the monarch of the corresponding base. Because an individual user can switch his or her Guild, he or she who has many points receives love calls from different Guilds. Users need to focus on battles as well as displaying their political powers. GAMEVIL focused on MMORPG’s essence.
“Royal Blood is a game that harmonizes probability of battles, political powers that can move huge Guilds, and manual battles that are more superior than automatic battles.” said Team Leader Jung Da-woon of GAMEVIL’s Game Business Headquarters. “Level of immersion will start to increase as amount of game playtime increases.”

Royal Blood <Royal Blood>

GAMEVIL is targeting global markets especially North American and European markets with Royal Blood. Through an unity engine, anyone can play Royal Blood on Smartphones that are at least Galaxy S5 or iPhone 6S.
“MMORPG markets are niche markets within North America and Europe.” said Department Head Kim. “We have designed Royal Blood that associates with global sensibility based on feedbacks that we had received from development stages through local branches.”
“Number of users who has experiences PC MMORPGs within HIVE, which is a co-platform of COM2US and GAMEVIL, is significant.” said Department Head Lee Sun-young of GAMEVIL’s Game Business 2 Department. “We will be able to gradually expand our business towards global markets based on these users.”
MMORPG has become very popular within South Korea’s mobile game markets since the end of 2016. With ‘Lineage II Revolution’ at the head, ‘Lineage M’ opened up new markets by making more than $930 million (1 trillion KRW) in sales annually and it has firmly maintained its position as the top MMORPG based on sales. Competitions are still difficult as more MMORPGs are coming out in mobile game markets.
Feeling of fatigue has grown for users as MMORPG markets have grown. Stress towards random reward items and differences between users who spend a lot and little are brought up as dissatisfactions. As a result, game developers devote themselves to resolve such problems for games such as Royal Blood and others that were recently introduced.
“We have no set goal for domestic sales.” said Department Head Kim. GAMEVIL focuses on a long run instead of sales ranking. Royal Blood provides enhanced systems that do not fail, allow users to obtain every items through game plays, and do not sell highest-ranked items.
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