Hyundai Motor Company and Hyundai MOBIS to Introduce New Innovative Automotive Technologies at CES 2018

Dec 22, 2017

Hyundai Motor Company and Hyundai MOBIS are going to introduce many new technologies such as ‘voice recognition assistance service’ and ‘drowsiness preventing self-driving technology’ that will lead future automotive markets at CES 2018, which is going to be held in Las Vegas in January.
First of all, Hyundai Motor Company is going to introduce ‘connected car cockpit’, which is applied with voice recognition assistant service technology, for the first time. Voice recognition system will operate once a person says ‘Hi, Hyundai’ within a cockpit. Voice recognition assistant that is connected to network will recognize commands or questions from users and it will either control a car or send answers and information to a car.
In detail, this voice recognition system can make a call, search addresses, search and play music, manage weather information and schedules, turn off air conditioner and close sunroof and doors, and answer questions regarding certain functions. It provides ‘Car to Home’ service that can control various electronic devices that are at home through voice and it also provides schedules for sports games and their results as well.
Hyundai Motor Company is also going to introduce ‘Smart Care’ technology that understands things that users want in advance and recommends them. When a driver designates time and location of a meeting that he or she needs to attend in advance, Smart Care technology alarms a driver that it will provide directions to the location of a meeting after considering travel time.

Connected car cockpit that will be introduced by Hyundai Motor Company at CES 2018
<Connected car cockpit that will be introduced by Hyundai Motor Company at CES 2018 >

Hyundai MOBIS is going to introduce ‘DDREM’ technology that allows a car to move to a safe location on its own when it decides that a driver is not capable of driving his or her car. When DDREM detects that a car moves side to side or a driver is closing his or her eyes frequently and not paying attention to his or her surroundings, it safely guides a car to a safe location.
Because DDREM system needs to move a car on its own, it can only be applied to complete self-driving stage that is at least level 4. A car will change into a self-driving mode when it thinks that a driver is falling asleep at the wheel and search a safe location. DDREM utilizes a highly accurate map and sensors such as cameras and radars and selects a safe location that is closest to a current location. Shoulders are safe locations where a car can quickly move to on a freeway during an emergency, and a car can also move to a rest area.
Hyundai MOBIS is currently working on R&D on full-scale in order to secure related technologies by 2021. It is accumulating various data through simulations in order to understand driving conditions so that a car can move to a safe location.
“DDREM is a self-driving technology that focuses on health and safety of passengers.” said Director David Agnew of Advanced Engineering at Hyundai MOBIS North America. “We are focusing on development of self-driving system that will drastically reduce number of accidents and focuses primarily on safety of passengers.”
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