Samsung Electronics to Have the Biggest Booth at KBIS 2018

Dec 20, 2017

Samsung Electronics is going to set up the biggest booth at ‘KBIS 2018’, which is the biggest North American kitchen and bath exhibition that is going to be held in the U.S. This is the first time when Samsung Electronics is participating in KBIS as Samsung Electronics. Fact that it is setting up the biggest booth while participating for the first time indicates that Samsung Electronics is going to actively target built-in home appliance markets that are growing continuously.
According to industries on the 18th, Samsung Electronics is going to participate in ‘KBIS 2018’, which is going to be held in Orlando in January, for the first time and its booth is going to be the biggest out of booths from other home appliance manufacturers. KBIS is the biggest North American kitchen and bath exhibition and is a place where businesses can introduce their kitchen appliances, built-in home appliances, and bath articles.
Samsung Electronics and Dacor are going to have their own booths at KBIS 2018. They made extensive investments as they moved locations of their booths near the entrance of KBIS 2018 and increased size of their booths.
Dacor and Samsung Electronics are planning to introduce super premium built-in products and ‘Chef Collection Built-in’, which is a premium level, and normal products called ‘Samsung Built-in’ respectively at KBIS 2018. It is expected that Dacor is going to introduce new products that take performance to another level which was done through cooperation with Samsung Electronics. It is heard that Dacor’s products are different from other products as they have excellent design and functions and have added IoT (Internet of Things) and Smart functions. Dacor drastically strengthened connectivity of its products by applying Samsung Electronics’ IT skills.

Dacor’s executives are explaining Dacor products at KBIS 2018.
<Dacor’s executives are explaining Dacor products at KBIS 2018. >

Fact that Samsung Electronics is participating in KBIS for the first time and having the biggest booth shows that how much efforts Samsung Electronics is putting into built-in home appliance markets. At KBIS 2017 that was held earlier this year, only Dacor, which was acquired by Samsung Electronics in 2016, participated in it with a medium-sized booth set up. Fact that Dacor drastically increased size of its booth in just a year indicates how confident its executives are in its products.
Vice-Chairman Yoon Boo-keun of Samsung Electronics (Director of CE (Consumer Electronics) Business Division at the time), who visited KBIS 2017, expressed regrets towards Dacor’s exhibition and instructed Dacor to extensively expand size and composition of its exhibition in the future. Size of Dacor’s booth at KBIS 2017 was smaller compared to other competitors.
Although there is some inconvenience regarding schedule as duration of KBIS exactly overlaps with ‘CES 2018’, Samsung Electronics is planning to do its best to prepare for KBIS 2018. In order to deal with both exhibitions, Samsung Electronics is going to prepare a team for each exhibition. New Director Kim Hyeon-seok of CE Business Division is also going to look after both exhibitions by dividing his schedule.
“We are currently really busy with preparation as these two exhibitions are happening at the same time.” said a representative for Samsung Electronics. “We are going to introduce full lineup of built-in home appliances from Dacor and Samsung Electronics at KBIS 2018 and have many of our executives attend KBIS 2018.”
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