Automotive Parts Manufacturers Working to Develop Materials to Make Cars Lighter

Dec 11, 2017

Automotive parts industries are working on developing new plastic materials instead of metallic materials in order to follow a trend that has cars becoming lighter.
AMO Greentech is currently working on development of cooling structure for cars made out of plastic materials. This cooling structure based on plastic materials weighs 30% less than cooling structure based on metallic materials. Lighter automotive parts will lead to increase in mileage and improvement in efficiency of electric vehicles.
Initially cooling structures were made out of light metals such as aluminum due to high thermal conductivity. In order to give cooling property, Amo Greentech made a material with heat conduction quality into nano-size and combined it with plastic.
Plakor developed plastic bumpers that can be attached inside and outside of cars. Plakor is a company that is recognized of its plastic parts for electric devices as it has critical technologies on injection molding and it is supplying its parts to Hyundai Motor Company, Kia Motors, and Ssangyong Motors. It is quickly responding to changes in car models as it manufactures its own molds.
Dongsung Corporation has established a task force earlier this year in order to develop composite materials that will make cars lighter. In order to develop automotive engineering plastic as its major driving force, Dongsung Corporation reorganized its personnel and groups and is hiring more employees for its R&D department.
Intops acquired Mirae, which is a company that manufactures automotive parts and molded plastic parts, last year. Intops is a company that has gained its competitive edge by producing mobile cases. However it has also entered automotive plastic parts business officially by acquiring Mirae.
Experts are predicting that amount of plastics that are used for cars will double after five years. They are explaining that materials that make up doors, hood, panels, covers for wheels, and windows are quickly being replaced by light plastic materials. U.S. and European countries are emphasizing needs for lighter cars in order to make regulations on mileage more strict and to respond to environmental regulations.
“Because it takes long time to receive certifications for automotive parts and materials and to approach supply network, many companies are working on R&D from a long-term perspective.” said a representative for an industry. “Automotive parts based on plastic materials will receive spotlight as medium and long-term driving force.”
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