KEB Hana Bank Finds New Supernote

Dec 07, 2017

Superfine counterfeit money that is difficult to be distinguished by a counterfeit detector was found in South Korea.
KEB Hana Bank found a new version of superfine counterfeit money (so-called supernote) in 100 dollar bills. It is assumed that this supernote was made by a national manufacturing facility under the protection of certain countries such as North Korea and others that are more likely to commit crime than other countries.
Because manufacturing method of this supernote is different from that of previous supernotes, it neutralized ways of coping by South Korean and foreign financial industries. Because it is not reported to legal enforcement agencies such as Interpol, it is difficult to estimate how much of this supernote is actually distributed globally. Possibility of large distribution of this supernote cannot be eliminated either.

KEB Hana Bank found a new supernote.
<KEB Hana Bank found a new supernote. >

Supernote uses special ink and paper that change colors depending on an angle and intaglio printing technology that implements rugged feel on the surface of a paper money. Until now, supernotes that were found in the past were found on 100 dollar bills that were issued in 1996, 2001, and 2003 when the amount of 100 dollars bills was high. This new supernote copied 100 dollars bills issued in 2006.
KEB Hana Bank was able to find this new supernote through experts, technologies, and cooperation with National Intelligence Service (NIS). KEB Hana Bank’s Counterfeit Notes Response Center performed an imagery interpretation and went through another accurate analysis through CSI equipment after receiving inquiries from frontline retailers about possible counterfeit money. By doing so, it was able to distinguish that this paper money was a new type of supernote.
“We are going to provide this information to information investigation authorities such as NIS and notify related organizations such as The Bank of Korea so that we can receive support from South Korean Government.” said Director Lee Ho-joong of KEB Hana Bank’s Counterfeit Notes Response Center.
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