NSHC wins Hack2Win, IoT Bug Hunting Competition at CODEBLUE

Nov 15, 2017
The NSHC team and organizers poses for winning Hack2Win competition <The NSHC team and organizers poses for winning Hack2Win competition>

More than 1,000 hackers from around the world participated in CODEBLUE, the largest hacking and security conference in Asia with a variety of hacking events attacking against cars, IoT, and infrastructure. The Hack2Win is a competition which focuses on bug hunting of  the 6 most secure IoT devices and participants will stand to receive a total of $ 50,000 in prizes when they report vulnerabilities.

The team that won this competition consisted of Min-Woo, Lee (NSHC Korea, Researcher), Hae-eun, Moon (NSHC Korea, Research Director), Dong-Joo, Ha (NSHC Singapore, CTO), and Benjamin Lee (NSHC Singapore, Researcher) NSHC has won the competition since 2015
During this year’s competition, NSHC has discovered several critical vulnerabilities such as unauthenticated remote code execution in various products such as Cisco routers which is known to have a strong security policy.

NSHC Research Director, Mr.Moon, said "We are delighted to see the Red Alert team being acknowledged once again. We will focus more on human resource training of white hackers and cyber security experts who will be able to respond to cyber war in the future. I want to contribute to becoming a cyber security evolution."

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