Samsung Electronics to Release 3rd Generation ARTIK

Sep 06, 2017

Samsung Electronics is releasing 3rd generation ARTIK, which is an IoT (Internet of Things) platform. It is expected that 3rd generation ARTIK will be the main platform of Samsung Electronics’ blueprint of applying IoT and AI (Artificial Intelligence) to all home appliances. It is expected that 3rd generation ARTIK will increase number of small and medium home appliance manufacturers that are planning to introduce Samsung Electronics’ IoT platform and contribute in spreading IoT ecosystem.
According to industries on the 5th, Samsung Electronics is planning to release 3rd generation ARTIK in this October. It is predicted that 3rd generation ARTIK focuses more on connectivity between devices than 2nd generation ARTIK, which was introduced last year, and strengthens network abilities in order to be applied to IoT devices and help telecommunication between things more smooth.
“While shift in generation of previous ARTIKs focused on improving AP (Application Processor) performance and reducing amount of electricity consumption and size, 3rd generation ARTIK is focused on securing connectivity between devices.” said a high-ranking official in this industry.
Samsung Electronics is planning to expand connectivity by applying Smart functions to all of its home appliances by 2020. This plan is so called ‘IoT 2020 Vision’ and its goal is to maximize UX (User Experience) of Smart Home Appliances. This strategy offers differentiated IoT services through interwork between devices or services. Samsung Electronics plans to strengthen its portfolio of IoT products by applying IoT functions to home appliances such as Smart TV, washer, and refrigerator as well as small devices and devices with low specifications such as CCTV and wearable device.
“All of devices will be able to become an IoT hub.” said a representative for Samsung Electronics. “We are going to lead hyper-connected society by applying AI technologies as well.”

Samsung Electronics’ ARTIK series <Samsung Electronics’ ARTIK series>

3rd generation ARTIK will be an important element for Samsung Electronics’ strategy on IoT business. Not only telecommunication sensors are needed for interwork between home appliances but Cloud that can distribute and process variety of data is also needed. ARTIK provides its own Cloud function and it can easily interwork devices and develop relevant service applications. It also provides security functions in order to create a safe IoT environment.
It is expected that Samsung Electronics’ plan to spread its IoT ecosystem will also gain momentum. Samsung Electronics created a link between an OS (Operating System) called ‘Tizen’, hardware (HW) platform called ‘ARTIK’, global IoT standard called ‘OCF’, and its Smart Home Hub called ‘Smart Things’. It recently added its AI voice recognition service called ‘Bixby’ to this group. All of these are open-type platforms and they allow anyone to develop IoT devices and provide relevant services. From Samsung Electronics’ perspective, this helps Samsung Electronics to continue to lead IoT ecosystem and to maximize its influence in relevant markets.
It seems that there will be an increase in number of businesses that are planning to participate in Samsung Electronics’ IoT ecosystem with a release of 3rd generation ARTIK. Small and medium South Korean and foreign businesses are developing variety of IoT products such as rice cooker, microwave, and healthcare solution by applying 1st and 2nd generation ARTIKs. Majority of industries believe that speed of development of IoT devices applied with ARTIK will accelerate once performance of 3rd generation is upgraded.
“3rd generation ARTIK will become a major platform for Samsung Electronics as well as many companies that are planning to apply IoT functions to their home appliance products.” said a representative in this industry.
On the other hand, Samsung Electronics decided to stop producing ‘ARTIK 10’ and place its strategic platform called ARTIK 7 in the front line. It is expected that there will be a shift in generation all around when 3rd generation ARTIK is released.
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