Unpacked Event of Galaxy Note 8 Draws Expectations in Manhattan as It Is a Day Away

Aug 23, 2017

T-Mobile is going to hold a mega event for ‘Samsung Electronics’ Galaxy Note 8’ at its direct management store that is located in Time Square on the 23rd (U.S. time).
“We are preparing for a mega event that will be held on the 23rd, which is the day when Unpacked event of Galaxy Note 8 is going to be held.” said a representative for T-Mobile.
Although T-Mobile cannot mention any detailed information of its event since Galaxy Note 8 is not officially launched, it is certain that its event will be a special event that will be fully enjoyed by its consumers.
After Unpacked event of Galaxy Note 8, T-Mobile’s event will be carried out as President Tim Baxter of Samsung Electronics North America visits its store and introduces Galaxy Note 8. It is likely that T-Mobile will also have raffles for free prizes.
Although it is difficult to fine posters and digital signage advertisements related to Galaxy Note 8 at this T-Mobile store, employees at this store are getting everything ready by fully understanding guidelines of T-Mobile’s event for Galaxy Note 8.
Besides mobile network providers’ stores located in Manhattan, level of expectations for Galaxy Note 8 is also building up around main streets of Manhattan. Advertisements regarding Unpacked event of Galaxy Note 8 was repeatedly shown through large screens in Time Square while nearby Smartphone stores are all busy preparing to sell Galaxy Note 8.
“I have become fascinated with Samsung Electronics’ Smartphones after using Galaxy Note 7.” said a female customer who was at a Smartphone store in Manhattan. “I have zero regrets about deciding to purchase Galaxy Note 8.”
“Although I had been using Galaxy Note series since 2013, I have waited for Galaxy Note 8 while using low and medium-end phones due to discontinuation of Galaxy Note 7 that happened last year.” said a different customer. “I am really interested in S Pen and cameras of Galaxy Note 8 and I expect that Galaxy Note 8 will be the most perfect Smartphone out of all Galaxy Note series.”

Large advertisement that notifies Unpacked event of ‘Galaxy Note 8’ appeared in Time Square. <Large advertisement that notifies Unpacked event of ‘Galaxy Note 8’ appeared in Time Square.>

New York Park Avenue Armory, where Galaxy Note 8 is going to be officially launched, has strict security around it. Nearby Park Avenue Armory, groups that compose three guards in each group are on their guards in order to prepare any unknown situations. There were also guards who maintained maximum security even by raising their voices with visitors.
“We absolutely cannot allow anyone to enter due to possibility of Galaxy Note 8’s new functions being leaked.” said a representative who is in charge of security of Unpacked event. “We are even very careful about hanging banners that notify Unpacked event of Galaxy Note 8 outside of Park Avenue Armory.”
Samsung Electronics is going to officially launch Galaxy Note 8 in New York Park Avenue Armory on the 23rd (U.S. time).
Samsung Electronics is going to exhibit variety of artworks that are drawn with S Pen through Lifestyle TV The Frame. Samsung Electronics is going to exhibit The Frames around major routes that attendees of Unpacked event are going to take and create luxurious atmosphere that harmonizes variety of artworks and environment of Unpacked event. 54 artworks that are drawn by 13 artists with S Pen are going to be exhibited at this event.
Staff Reporter Choi, Jaepil | jpchoi@etnews.com

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