G6 Set to Be Released in European Markets on the 24th

Apr 21, 2017

LG Electronics’ G6 will land in European markets following South Korea and the U.S.
LG Electronics is going to release G6 in 24 European countries on the 24th (European time) through 33 mobile network providers such as Vodafone, Orange, T-Mobile, and Telefonica.
By doing so, LG Electronics will be introducing G6 in all major premium Smartphone markets.
LG Electronics is also going to release G6 in other Asian countries, Central and South America, and Middle East, and Africa.
Major media from Europe and North America focused on convenience of full-vision display, excellent durability, and outstanding camera functions according to release of G6.

Models are taking selfies at G6 at Triumphal Arch that is located in Munich. <Models are taking selfies at G6 at Triumphal Arch that is located in Munich.>

“Fact that G6 has increased aesthetic elements through large screen and narrow bezels is very impressive.” said T3 which is a British media that focuses on IT. “Functions of rear camera are very appealing and wide-angle camera lenses will be useful in variety of situations.”
“G6 is a product that must be considered if one is looking for a new Smartphone.” said CNBC which is an American broadcasting company. “We especially like its wide-angle function that can easily take everyone in a family with single picture.”
“Based on convenience and high level of perfection that are recognized globally, we are going to lead global Smartphone markets.” said Department Head (President) Cho Jun-ho of LG Electronics MC Business Headquarters.
Staff Reporter Choi, Jaepil | jpchoi@etnews.com

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