CONUS Co., Ltd. Releases Smart Plug

Mar 23, 2017

CONUS Co., Ltd. (CEO Park Chang-shik) has released Smart Plug that detects headcount of users and movements and automatically turns off electricity if there aren’t any people who are using electricity or if there aren’t any movements within a particular space.
CONUS Co., Ltd. held a presentation for its Smart Plug called ‘IoTap’ at KOEX Intercontinental Hotel on the 22nd. IoTap is a device that can easily shuts off standby power since it either turns off or supplies electricity by recognizing people moving in and out.
IoTap is composed of count sensor, movement detection sensor, and Smart Plug. While count sensor recognizes directions of people moving within a particular space counts number of people, movement detection sensor recognizes movements of people and understand whether or not there are people within a particular space. When these sensors send information after understanding movements of people, Smart Plug then either supplies or turns off electricity.
For example, Smart Plug turns off when a user exits a house and it supplies electricity when a user comes back home. Smart Plug can also be used when there are many people within a particular space. Even when a person steps out of that particular space, it continues to send electricity by detecting movements of people that are still within that space.

IoTap <IoTap>

When IoTap is linked to Smartphone application, one can easily and remotely control supply of electricity of a location where IoTap is installed. Because it can also check whether or not there are people in a place where IoTap is installed, it can also be used as a security device.
IoTap works wireless and it makes installation very easy. One can simply attach count sensor at a door and movement detection center at a location of interest.
Before commercializing IoTap, CONUS Co., Ltd. installed Smart Restroom system that can check whether or not 40 restrooms at rest areas of all freeways in South Korea are being used. It recently made a partnership with Yanolja, which is a lodging O2O company, and applied its power-saving system at Yanolja’s lodges.
CONUS Co., Ltd. explained that when coffee makers (5kW of electricity consumption) and others at coffee shops where electricity consumption is high are controlled by IoTap, coffee shops can save about $893 (1 million KRW) per month in electricity bill.
“Because IoTap turns off and supplies electricity depending on whether there are people or not, standby power can be easily reduced.” said CEO Park Chang-shik of CONUS Co., Ltd.. “Effects are huge when IoTap is applied to electronics such as office machines, bidets, and streetlights that consume a lot of electricity and only work if there are people around.” He also added by saying that CONUS Co., Ltd. is planning to speed up in developing applied products since IoTap can be applied to variety of fields in the future.”
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