KEYSIGHT Technologies Releases Super-Cheap Oscilloscope

Mar 09, 2017

Oscilloscope that only costs about $519 (600,000 KRW) has been released and it even has most of latest functions such as expansion of wavelength and digital voltmeter. It is expected that demands for this latest oscilloscope will expand to small-sized R&D laboratories and schools.
KEYSIGHT Technologies Korea (CEO Yoon Deok-kwon) made an announcement on the 8th that it will be releasing ‘InfiniiVision 1000X Series’, which is super-cheap priced benchtop oscilloscope. This series is composed of 4 models and lowest price and highest price of these models will be $530 (612,000 KRW) and $1,001 (1.157 million KRW) respectively. Series supports bandwidth from 50 to 100MHz depending on a model and it is the least expensive oscilloscope that has been manufactured by KEYSIGHT Technologies.
Oscilloscope is most universal equipment in markets for measuring instrument and its major purpose is to measure changes in voltage and signals per time. It is a must in R&D for electronic products. Asking price for the most expensive oscilloscope is about $86,555 (100 million KRW) and there are many oscilloscopes that cost about thousands of dollars.
KEYSIGHT evaluates its new series that it has competitive edge in price even when it is compared to current products that cost under $866 (1 million KRW) because it has received major functions of expensive products that KEYSIGHT used to sell. KEYSIGHT has put out ‘Scrap the toys, get a real scope’ as its catch phrase.
KEYSIGHT’s strategy is to differentiate its new product from other low-priced oscilloscopes. KEYSIGHT’s product updates waveforms 50,000 times per second while its competitors’ products that cost similar only update waveforms 100 times per second. This indicates that KEYSIGHT’s product can capture any signals or errors that occur very intermittently 500 times more accurately.

InfiniiVision 1000X Series <InfiniiVision 1000X Series>

KEYSIGHT’s ‘6 in 1’ strategy, which is applied to its latest products, has been applied to this series as well. This strategy allows a measuring instrument to perform 6 different functions. Besides of basic functions of an oscilloscope, this series can perform variety of functions such as digital voltmeter, frequency counter, and frequency response analysis.
It is seen that KEYSIGHT has already started going after markets for low-priced oscilloscopes. Until now, KEYSIGHT has focused on selling its expensive products in markets for oscilloscope. Although it is a company that possesses most variety of products in markets for measurement and testing, it is a developing company in markets for oscilloscope. However by releasing this new series, it has now completed a final puzzle in this market.
KEYSIGHT has directly targeted small laboratories or universities. It provides ‘Education Kit’, which can be utilized for education purposes and has built-in signal initiator for learning purposes, along with InfiniiVision 1000X Series. One can learn variety of signals from basic signals to modulated signals. ‘Lab Guide’ can be utilized as a guide or learning material of an oscilloscope for beginners.
KEYSIGHT’s strategy is to expand interface of sales by going after students who are going to be workers in variety of industries in the future. People tend to prefer R&D equipment such as measuring instrument that is familiar to them. KEYSIGHT believes that if it expands experiences of its products through low-priced products, it will help with sales of high-end products in the future.
“Although we were able to increase our market shares in our high-end products since we targeted markets for oscilloscope, we lacked abilities to respond to low-end products that have huge volumes.” said President Choi Jun-ho of KEYSIGHT Technologies who oversees Asia-Pacific regions. “By releasing 1000X Series, we have completed a final chapter of our strategy.”
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