Samsung Electronics to Hold Global Launching Event for QLED TV

Feb 10, 2017

Samsung Electronics is going to hold a global launching event for ‘QLED TV’ on large-scale which will be similar to ‘Unpack’ event that is designed to introduce its Smartphones.
According to industries on the 9th, Samsung Electronics is going to hold a global launching event for QLED TV in France during sometime in the middle of March. At this event, it is going to introduce QLED TV for the first time in 2017 and draw attention from its customers. Samsung Electronics has decided to have France as the host country for its launching event after considering France, England, and Germany.
It has been 7 years since 2010 when it held a global launching event for its TV sector. In 2010, Samsung Electronics held a global launching event for full HD 3D LED TV in Manhattan, New York. At this event, James Cameron, who is the director of Avatar, made a surprise appearance and Black Eyed Peas, who was at the top of Billboard chart, performed. This event drew a lot of attention as it was on live broadcast online such as Facebook.
Global launching event for QLED TV will also be organized with variety of information. Since it already introduced QLED TV at ‘CES 2017’ that was held in Las Vegas in early this year, Samsung Electronics is going to prepare differentiated showings. It is expected that Samsung Electronics will introduce entire lineup of QLED TV, functions in detail, and prices and is going to invite celebrities.

Samsung Electronics held a launching event for 3D LED TV at Times Square in New York in 2010. <Samsung Electronics held a launching event for 3D LED TV at Times Square in New York in 2010.>

Reason why Samsung Electronics is holding a global launching event is because it wants to grow QLED TV as its next-generation driving power. Its intention of focusing into quantum-dot as a technology that will differentiate Samsung Electronics from OLED, which is a technology that is competing against QLED, was also applied to its decision. QLED TV is a product that innovates quality and is a 3rd generation quantum-dot TV that applies metals into quantum-dot particle. It will be Samsung Electronics’ forerunner that will have Samsung Electronics maintain number 1 position in global TV markets which has been maintained for 12 years in a row.
In order to strengthen its position in premium TV markets, Samsung Electronics has decided not to use a name ‘SUHD’ that had been used until last year. Starting from this year, it is going to use a name ‘QLED’ because it will be able to explain to customers about quantum-dot which is the main technology of QLED. In order to popularize a name ‘QLED’, Samsung Electronics is planning to carry out marketing on full-scale in this year.
“We are planning to invite our major customers, media, and popular celebrities from different industries to this launching event.” said a representative for Samsung Electronics. “It will be a place that will increase level of attention towards our products before we launch a new product.”
On this day, Samsung Electronics announced that QLED TV was qualified by VDE, which is a global certification institute in Germany, for the first time in the world as a product that can implement ‘100% color volume’. This indicates that QLED TV will be able to implement purpose of authors of different contents than any other TVs from color representation perspective.
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