Neowine Launches DORCA solution That Can Prevent Wiretapping and Monitoring

Feb 02, 2017

Neowine (CEO Lee Hyo-seung), which is a company that specializes in security chip, has launched a solution called ‘DORCA’ that is equipped with wiretapping and monitoring solutions in foreign countries. It is likely that its sales in 2017 will increase rapidly by more than 50% due to rapid increase in number of demands from authorized dealers located in all over the world.
Neowine’s DORCA inserts micro SD memory card that is equipped with a security chip into a Smartphone and can prevent wiretapping and monitoring if one installs an application. Asking price for Smartphones that are designed to prevent wiretapping and monitoring is about $8,648 (10 million KRW). Advantages of Dorca are its inexpensive price and its ability to easily resolve any wiretapping and monitoring issues.
“We are planning to increase our sales by more than 50% in this year with DORCA solution.” said CEO Lee Hyo-seung. “Inquiries from authorized dealers located in all over the world for our solution are taking place continuously.”

Neowine Launches DORCA solution That Can Prevent Wiretapping and Monitoring

DORCA is composed of micro SD card that is equipped with Neowine’s hardware security chip called ‘DORCA-20’ and VoIP application. Wiretapping and monitoring can be prevented only when two Smartphone users insert Neowine’s security micro SD card into their phones and make calls through VoIP application. In order to implement this function, Neowine has established a Cloud server that acts as a simple intermediary without saving any data. Management of keys and encryption take place within DORCA-20 hardware.
Neowine is also planning to go after IoT hardware security markets with DORCA series.
Neowine, which was established in 2002, focused on semiconductors that prevent duplication of electronics. These semiconductors were inserted with security code that was provided by Neowine. Even when hardware and data are duplicated, electronics do not work if they are not equipped with Neowine’s chip. Until now, Neowine has supplied more than 100 million of these semiconductors to 460 companies.
Staff Reporter Han, Juyeop |
■Summary of Neowine
▲Year of establishment: 2002 (CEO Lee Hyo-seung)
▲Type of business: Manufacturing of electronic parts
▲Number of employees: 15
▲Sales: About $1.99 million (2.3 billion KRW) in 2016
▲Major products: Semiconductors for preventing duplication, hardware security chip
▲Major businesses: IoT security through implementation of hardware security chip, prevention of wiretapping and monitoring on Smartphones

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