LG Electronics to Apply Artificial Intelligence to Its Remote After-Service for Its Smartphones

Jan 10, 2017

LG Electronics is planning to apply AI (Artificial Intelligence) technology to its remote AS (After-Service) for its Smartphones.
LG Electronics made an announcement on the 9th that it will be sequentially introducing high-tech AI technologies such as Machine Learning, Big Data analysis and others to its remote AS for Smartphones.
“We observed that more than 80% of reasons why customers visit AS centers are due to simple inquiry and software problems.” said LG Electronics. “By strengthening our remote service function, we will be able to lower inconvenience of customers having to visit AS centers unnecessarily.”
LG Electronics is going to apply AI technologies to ‘Smart Doctor’ application that diagnoses conditions of Smartphones by itself and presents solutions. It is a way of providing AS guides that are customized to Smartphone users.

Picture of Smart Doctor application that is applied with artificial intelligence
<Picture of Smart Doctor application that is applied with artificial intelligence >

When a screen of a Smartphone becomes dark, this application eithers tells users to adjust brightness by dragging down the upper part of a screen or suggests them to close unused applications. It also provides frame speed of a gaming application that is used frequently and ways to reduce amount of electric current by reducing resolution.
LG Electronics is also going to apply log (usage record of a device) analysis technique that is tens of times faster and more accurate than current techniques to its remote Smartphone services such as quick help and remote consultation. When it analyzes logs after obtaining consent from customers, it can find causes of problems that are due to patterns of usage systematically.
“Quality of AS is just as important as product from an aspect of level of convenience for our customers.” said Department Head (President) Cho Jun-ho of LG Electronics MC Business Headquarters. “We are going to continuously provide services that are trustworthy and convenient from a point of view of our customers.”
Staff Reporter Choi, Jaepil | jpchoi@etnews.com

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