Handycar to Start Automotive IoT Business

Dec 08, 2016

Handycar (CEO Yoon Jeong-ku) sent its engineers to England and is pushing for co-R&D with a British connected car service company called Tantalum in order to enter automotive IoT business.
Handycar is going to verify its technologies through demonstrations in global markets and is going to introduce its solutions for connected cars step by step in South Korea.
Before it begins automotive IoT business on full-scale, Handycar is planning to double the number of its current employees. “We are going to send couple of our new employees to England so that they can co-develop technologies withn Tantalum.” said a representative for Handycar on the 7th. “We are going to strengthen our company structure until we can demonstrate demo-solutions for connected cars in England.”
Handycar, which specializes in connected cars, was established by Handysoft in July. It was established so that it can enter markets for automotive IoT by utilizing IoT platform called ‘Handypia’, which was co-developed by Handysoft and ETRI (Electronics and Telecommunications Research Institute).
Handycar is planning to secure differentiated competitive edge by gathering manufacturing capabilities such as Handysoft’s software (SW) technology, telecommunication technology from its parent company called DASAN Networks, DASAN Kais, and DMC.
Handycar’s goal is to be recognized for its technical skills in connected cars in global markets. After estimating whether or not its business can succeed in Europe and Asia, it is going to introduce its solutions in South Korea.
Handycar has also pushed for business partnership with Tantalum. Tantalum collects, analyzes, and processes information that it receives on car conditions through a device that is attached on a car and is providing this service to more than a million cars throughout Europe.
After signing a contract with Tantalum last month regarding co-development of connected car technologies, Handycar has also secured marketing network. It is going to enhance its services through co-development of technologies and is going to provide parts and tools that are necessary for this business. Their plans are to establish an ‘ecosystem’ based on technical skills that each company possesses after considering the fact that it will be difficult for one company to be responsible for entire business.
Handycar is also going to target South-East Asian markets such as Vietnam. Its plan is to implement connected car services through a business partnership with Vietnamese telecommunication provider and is also preparing to test its services in early 2017.
“Starting with telecommunication service within cars, we are going to slowly expand range of our business.” said a representative for Handycar. “We are planning to seek variety of business models within this ecosystem.”
Staff Reporter Kwon, Dongjun | djkwon@etnews.com

■Summary of Handycar
▲Year of establishment: 2016 (CEO Yoon Jeong-ku)
▲Type of business: Automotive IoT
▲Number of employees: 7
▲Major products: Software for connected cars, currently developing hardware <■Summary of Handycar ▲Year of establishment: 2016 (CEO Yoon Jeong-ku) ▲Type of business: Automotive IoT ▲Number of employees: 7 ▲Major products: Software for connected cars, currently developing hardware>

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