Intelligence Information Industry Association to Be Established Based on AI businesses

Sep 30, 2016

‘Intelligence Information Industry Association’, which is based on South Korean AI (Artificial Intelligence) businesses, is going to be established in next month. SK Telecom will be the first business to be in charge of everything and goal of this association is to represent South Korea’s AI industries.
According to an industry on the 29th, ‘Intelligence Information Industry Association Establishment Promotion Committee’ is going to hold a general assembly for establishment of Intelligence Information Industry Association in next month. It is going to register for an approval from Ministry of Science, ICP and Future Planning (MSIP) and push for registration of a corporate body.
AI has started receiving attentions in South Korea after AlphaGo match that took place in March. Organizations that are related to intelligence information with AI at the center have started appearing one after the other. ‘AIRI (Artificial Intelligence Research Institute’, which was established by funds from 7 large corporations such as Samsung Electronics, Hyundai Motor Company, and Naver and others, was established in July. Under Korea Software Industry Association, ‘Intelligence Information Industry Association’ that is based on SW businesses was also established. ‘Intelligence Information Technology Forum’ was established under Korea Computing Industry Association’ for standardization and sharing of technologies.
Under a goal of representing entire ecosystem of intelligence information industries, Intelligence Information Industry Association, Intelligence Information Industry Association established a establishment promotion committee and prepared for establishment. After going through two discussions, currently 40 businesses, universities, and research instutions have decided to participate in this association. Intelligence Information Industry Association is planning to secure about 60 partners by next month and has set industry and policy and research supplies, promotion of professionals, cooperation with foreign businesses and advertisements, R&D and standardization, and support of commercialization of technologies as its business plans.

Intelligence Information Industry Association to Be Established Based on AI businesses

SK Telecom is placed as the governing company while Saltlux, Wisenut, and ESTsoft are placed as the vice-governing companies.
This association will be composed of large corporations such as Hyundai Motor Company and Samsung SDS and small and medium companies such as Mobigen, Konan Technology, and Diquest. Also government research institutions such as Korea electronics Technology Institute and Software Policy Research Institute and local research institutions and local government bodies such as Gwangju Institute of Science and Technology and Busan Metropolitan City will participate as special members.
Intelligence Information Industry Association is going to finalize and announce formation of this association and business plans at a general assembly. SK Telecom recently launched voice-recognition AI service called ‘NUGU’ and is focusing on researches on AI.
Industries are focusing on Intelligence Information Industry Association as it is a first association that is based on South Korea’s intelligence information industries as well as AI industries.
“Even when it is established, there are a lot of things that are still left to do such as securing additional members, sharing of industries’ opinions, and application of government’s policies.” said a representative for a company that is participating in this association. “Cooperation and will between participating businesses are important until this association is firmly established.”
Intelligence Information Industry Association is also going to strengthen its cooperation with MSIP, which is the competent authority for intelligence information industries.
“We are happy that there is a center for intelligence information industries and a window that gathers capabilities.” said a representative for MSIP’s intelligence information industry task force. “There won’t be any separate monetary or business support for this association.”
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