SK Telecom to Commercialize Triple Broadband LTE Soon

Sep 21, 2016

SK Telecom is going to commercialize world’s first ‘Triple Broadband LTE’, which has world’s fastest download speed at 600Mbps, at the end of this month at the earliest. It is a 256 QAM technology that combines 3 broadband frequencies and maximizes transmission efficiency and will open world’s first 600Mbps mobile telecommunication generation.
SK Telecom is currently establishing facilities to commercialize 600Mbps LTE service.
IT already finished preparing base stations in certain places in Seoul. It is planning to finish establishing commercialized base stations in all of Seoul and regions in 6 metropolitan areas where data is concentrated by end of this year.
600Mbps is currently the world’s fastest speed in global LTE network. It is 1.5 times faster than 3 mobile telecommunication businesses’ current ‘3-Band LTE-A’, which has download speed of up to 400Mbps, and can download a 1GB movie in just 15 seconds.
SK Telecom has already secured all of ‘Triple Broadband LTE’ that is a major technology for base stations. Triple Broadband LTE is a technology that connects 1.8GHz, 2.1GHz, and 60MHz ranges from 2.6GHz broadband LTE frequency download range with CA (Carrier Aggregation). By combining 3 frequencies that have download speeds up to 150Mbps individually, it increases download speed up to 450Mbps. Also by applying 256 QAM that increases data transmission efficiency by 1.3 times, download speed is further increased up to 600Mbps.
If devices are prepared, SK Telecom can start its service right away. However due to negative impact from batteries of Galaxy Note 7s, which is the only Smartphone that supports Triple Broadband LTE, development of firmware upgrade is delayed. ‘Samsung Exynos 8890’ integrated chip that is installed in Galaxy Note 7 is currently the only telecommunication modem that supports ‘Triple Broadband LTE’. It is predicted that firmware that will improve speed will be provided at the end of this month at the earliest and in next month at the latest depending on schedule of exchange process of Galaxy Note 7s.
SK Telecom’s goal is to secure clear superiority in competitions and to improve its image in domestic and foreign telecommunication markets by having an upper hand in world’s best mobile telecommunication speed. That is why it has endured its bold decision to only use 2.1GHz bandwidth only for 2 months. SK Telecom has to transfer 10MHz range, which is half of 2.1GHz frequency 20MHz range that is used for Triple Broadband LTE, to LG Uplus on the 3rd of December. Although a selection of using 850MHz bandwidth 10MHz range frequency was possible, utilizing 2.1GHz frequency that can only be used for 2 months is SK Telecom’s strategic move to secure symbolization of ‘world’s first’. After transferring some of its 2.1GHz bandwidth, SK Telecom is going to introduce ‘4-Band LTE’ service that provides speed up to 600Mbps with 850MHz bandwidth 10MHz range right away.
“Fact that we have decided to use 2.1GHz only for 2months symbolizes opening of 600Mbps LTE generation.” said a representative for SK Telecom. “We are going to minimize inconvenience for customers by commercializing 4-Band LTE-A technology in early next year even after we transfer our frequency to LG Uplus.”
Due to SK Telecom’s strategy in gaining an upper hand in speed, competitions in network between mobile telecommunication businesses are going to become even fiercer. KT is planning to add 1.8GHz bandwidth 10MHz range frequency that it newly acquired in May to its current 1.8GHz bandwidth 20MHz range and push forward timing of commercialization of ‘Intra-Band CA’ that provides speed up to 500Mbps to early next year. LG Uplus is going to double its current 2.1GHz bandwidth as soon as it receives frequency from SK Telecom on the 4th of December and is preparing fast for base stations that can provide speed up to 500Mbps.
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