Voice Recognition System Is Developed with South Korean Technologies

Dec 16, 2015

Recognition system that changes voice to texts is commercialized. Because it is developed with just South Korean technologies, substitution effect for profit is expected.

Voiceware made announcement on the 15th that it has developed recording voice system and applied it to KB Card. As a part of National R&D Business under Ministry of Science, ICP and Future Planning’s Global Creative Software (GCS), it received supports from Institute for Information & Communications Technology Promotion and Software Engineering Center.

Financial and telecommunication businesses analyze customers’ voices through call centers and apply them for marketing. Many hours and manpower are needed to analyze huge telephone conversations that were recorded, and there is also limitation in actual use. Voiceware’s voice recognition system changes huge voice data to texts and supports analysis of Big Data 78 based on texts.

Voiceware recently applied it to KB Card’s call centers after going through trial services.

“It is used for advisers’ tasks at call centers and to analyze and use customers’ information.” said a person from Voiceware. “It can also be used in variety of areas such as minutes system, audio indexing service and others.”

Voice recognition system that was developed with South Korean technologies was applied to KB Card’s call centers. <Voice recognition system that was developed with South Korean technologies was applied to KB Card’s call centers.>

It is predicted that analysis of call centers’ Big Data will increase based on financial and telecommunication businesses. Starting with KB Card, other card companies are analyzing call centers’ Big Data one after the other. Telecommunication businesses are also examining related businesses. If this voice recognition system is applied, substitution effect for profit will be huge.

Voiceware is also looking to enter foreign markets and will first go after markets in the U.S., Japan, and China. It will supply its products in the U.S. at its affiliate Neospeech that was established in advance, and Southeast Asian markets are also Voiceware’s targets. “Our technology was recognized for its excellence as it compares evenly with any other foreign technologies.” said a person from Voiceware. “Not only in South Korea, but we will also export it to other countries and promote it as major product.”

Staff Reporter Shin, Hyekwon | hkshin@etnews.com

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