EMCrafts develops biggest Scanning Electron Microscope (SEM) in South Korea…It is possible to analyze minerals without cutting them

May 12, 2015

A South Korea’s venture company developed a huge SEM that can see a mineral of hand span size by magnifying up to 300,000 times without cutting it. SEM observes a space structure by shooting electron ray onto a sample’s surface. It is usually used when examining or measuring semiconductors and electronic devices as well as on materials, equipments, and biological research.

EMCrafts (Representative Chun Chung Bum) revealed on the 11th that it released SEM Veritas-3000.

This product can examine a sample with a diameter as big as 220mm. Domestic SEM was only able to examine a diameter of 90mm up to now, and this product can also analyze 8 inch semiconductor wafer.

EMCrafts didn’t just increase the chamber size, but it increased a moving range so that one can analyze a sample at many different angles. It installed an automatic 5-axis stage where X-axis and Y-axis can move up to 120mm, and Z-axis can move up to 65mm. Because a sample’s structure is seen by magnifying it 300,000 times, stage’s stability and accuracy are crucial.

Veritas-3000 using screen, most processes can be done with just a mouse.
<Veritas-3000 using screen, most processes can be done with just a mouse. >

It’s expandability is high compared to its previous products since it has a big chamber. EBSD that infers stress by observing scattered electron patterse on a crystal face, X-ray WDS, Raman Spectroscopy, and ETC can be used by connecting them all.

Its use is also very easy where only a single SW is applied on Veritas series and Genesis series. Without using a special knob to change its focus or movement, most functions can be used with just a mouse. It is so easy that a normal person can operate it with just 2 hours of education.

Its price will be a two-third of its equal foreign product, and an important-substituting effect worth of 20 million dollars is expected. Fields such as semiconductor, steel, car products, and etc where it needs an inspection and analysis for a large sample are their primary focus. It is also planning to enter foreign markets such as China, South Asia, and India at the same time.

EMCrafts is planning to show all of its products including Veritas-3000 at ‘Nano Korea 2015’, which will open in July at KOEX in Samsung-Dong.

“By developing Veritas-3000, we asserted ourselves as a specialized company that holds big SEM and world’s smallest SEM such as Genesis mini. We will expand our market by having great performance, low price, and fast AS.” Chun Chung Bum, a representative for EMCrafts, said about its future plan after developing Veritas-3000.

Staff Reporter, Yoo Changsun | yuda@etnews.com

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