LGD releases the 'Art Slim' UHD LCD panel that is 75% thinner...realizing a `TV like a picture frame`

Kim Seung-gyu Dec 30, 2014

LG Display (LGD) released the `Art Slim` series, a display panel, based on the concept of a `TV like a picture frame. Its thickness and weight were drastically reduced. The company is planning to lead the market with a thinner and lighter panel in the belief that technology competition and design differentiation will be crucial in the TV market.

LGD releases the 'Art Slim' UHD LCD panel that is 75% thinner...realizing a `TV like a picture frame`

LGD announced on December 29 that it would unveil the thinner and lighter Art Slim series at CES 2015 scheduled to be held in Las Vegas, US on January 6 through January 9.

The TV with a 55-inch UHD panel is 7.5㎜ thick. Considering that an ordinary LCD TV is 30.0㎜ thick, its thickness has been drastically reduced. It weighs 10.4㎏. The 65-inch TV is 8.2㎜ thick and weighs 16.2㎏. This panel is more than 75% thinner than the existing UHD TV, and weighs over 25% less, realizing a ‘TV like a picture frame.’

As the LCD panel requires the backlight and several parts unlike the self-light emitting OLED panel, it has been considered impossible to make it thinner than 10㎜. The Art Slim reduced the thickness of the LCD (the UHD panel with LED light sources) close to that of the OLED panel.

The Art Slim replaced the backlight on the backside of the LCD panel with the edge type (with light emitted from the four corners). In particular, LGD emphasized that it dramatically reduced the thickness of the panel by gluing the parts, film, backlight and case of the existing parts, which used to be placed on the structure (fixer type), like pads (foam pad type). The company said it patented the related technology. As the aluminum composite material is now used for the cover of the backside of the LCD module, customers can choose colors and patterns they desire for the cover.

LGD is planning to reinforce customized design by diversifying cover materials in accordance with customers` product lineup. The company already began to supply 55 and 65-inch Art Slim products to LG Electronics and Chinese TV manufacturers. At CES slated for early next year, a large number of TVs using LG Display panels are forecast to be displayed.

“In the future display market, design differentiation will become an important competitive factor in addition to picture quality,” said Hwang Yong-gi, vice-president, LG Display TV Business Division. “We will expand the Art Slim product lineup ranging from 43-inch to 65-inch panels and lead the market in 2015.”

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