A head camera, which shows what a user sees in his/her own eyes, is emerging as a new tool to create the video recordings.A head camera has a variety of formats such as eye-glasses, earrings and a helmet. Therefore, it shows what a user sees in his/her own eyes. With the development of technology applied to cameras, head cameras become lighter with clearer picture quality up to the HD class. While the existing digital cameras and camcorders demand several steps of control to record the video contents, the head camera automatically controls from when a user wears it.Head cameras allow to record the video contents in the first-person view so that the media companies, the police agency and the military forces are trying to use the device.KBS plans to air the journey of Korea’s female climber Oh Eun-sun to Annapurna scheduled in next month in live broadcast. For the first time in the history of the broadcasting networks, KBS will live broadcast the way to the summit of Annapurna in the first-person view. To broadcast the journey in more vivid picture quality, KBS plans to deploy a reporter to join her way with portable broadcasting equipment and a head-cam.The police agency is also considering the use of a head-cam to collect the video evidence of illegal activities in violent demonstrations. The agency believes that a head camera will help it to protect its human resources while preventing violent demonstrations. The black-box recordings used in car accidents to prove the responsibility of the accidents gave a hint. Already, in the UK and the US, policemen use head-cameras in their activities against crimes.The national army is also planning to provide bullet-proof helmet equipped with the head-cam to individual soldiers. With the growing demand for head-cam, more and more companies are trying to develop smaller head cameras with better picture quality. Comart System plans to release Korea’s first head-cam equipment featuring the HD class picture quality in June. Starnex is also currently developing an HD-class ultra small head camera specialized in recording the sports activities.Seol Chang-hoon, president of Comart System, said, “A head camera is the best tool to share one’s own experience with others. If the ultra small and light HD class head cameras become available, there will be a significant change in the video content market.”