Domestic security companies make efforts to penetrate the North American market.
Korean security companies such as 3R, Kodicom, and Nitgen have participated in the exhibition of high tech security equipments Vegas the `ISC (International Security Conference) Expo` at Las and has stepped into the phase of marketing to preempt the North American market which accounts for 30% of the total international market.

Especially, 13 small and medium sized companies have cooperatively made a Korean booth to display various security equipments and negotiate with the local buyers, and they are also trying to seek market information and local companies to cooperate with.

3R (chaired by Jang Seong-ik has released equipments such as a stand alone DVR that is not based on PC and Windows the `MiniMax` and a ultra small digital video transmitter that is the size of a cigarette pack the `T-gate,` for the first time and the company is in the phase of promotion towards the local buyers.

In addition, 3R has released equipments such as the `TeraStore` which can store up to tens of TB and the POS-DVR which can be connected with POS (Point of Sales) allowing different kinds of search.

Kodicom (chaired by Ahn Jong-gyun has released and started the marketing of new high tech models such as the speed doom camera (NK-97CH) which can operate 16 cameras without additional software, and the diginet series 3416 and 4416 Nitgen (chaired by Ahn Jun-young has participated in the exhibition under the American branch name of SecuGen, and has released its equipments such as ID tech 007, a fingerprint recognition system (FDA01) of its own technology, and Touchstar by AutoStar, a Taiwanese company, and Star2000 FP by Print Electronics.

Besides, Neo Telecom (chaired by Cho Sang-mun) has released the cDVR NED4, and Comart System has released various DVR boards and both companies are raising much interest of the local buyers.